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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



A feeling of satisfaction is legit when you reach your weight loss goal. It has taken a great deal of commitment on your part. Your dedication to lose weight is one of a kind. This time is when you face real-life after you reach your weight loss goal. Make sure that you have learned a lot in maintaining your weight loss even after the HCG diet. Start exploring healthy lifestyle changes. You can now incorporate an exercise regimen into your daily routine.

What kind of exercise you can incorporate during this moment? There is no such thing as the right exercise. However, you have to be watchful with your daily activities. You can do any exercise but not the hard way. Exercising is good when it is not done way far that what is required. Your regular basis in doing exercise must be on how to stay physically fit. One of the required exercise regimens that are healthy for you is cardio. You can also increase the time of your usual exercise during the HCG diet. You can implement it even if you already reach your weight loss goal.

The most recommended exercise after the HCG diet

  • Running or jogging- This does not mean that you have to run for miles. Running or jogging is more beneficial than walking. You can do this in 20 to 30 minutes as soon as you are done with your breakfast. It helps you build your endurance. Running or jogging can help you burn 100 calories in each session. You can do this activity in 2 to 3 times each week.
  • Dancing- It can also cause sweating and it is beneficial as running. You can do dancing at home or in a dance class session. Dancing can improve your body’s elasticity and strength. It can help you release tension and dull moments. This is also a fun activity that allows you to maintain your weight loss.
  • Cleaning- Cleaning will help you move constantly. This can awaken your metabolism. It can also give you a fun time and release your stress. This is beneficial both in your body and to your environment. Make sure that you are not hungry in doing your light activities. This is because it might consume your energy.
  • Swimming- It keeps your heart rate at its normal level. Swimming develops strength and fitness to your cardiovascular organs. It can also tone your muscle and it can also build up more strength. You can do at least 30 minutes of swimming duration during your HCG diet. This can help you regulate your blood pressure and sugar levels.

You can also plan a fitness goal after the HCG diet. This is a way of maintaining your fitness even after the diet protocol. You can implement a fitness routine through your knowledge learned during the HCG diet. Fitness goal is achieved by accompanying control of your intake of calories. Slowly introduce more food choices each day. Your weight always depends on your food intake and your habits. Try to burn extra calories by doing light exercises. Light exercises can also help you with your fitness goal.

Proper implementation of fitness goal after the HCG diet

  • Plan a fitness program

You can choose from yoga, jogging, swimming, dancing and walking. The most known exercise on the HCG diet is yoga. This is a calm exercise that promotes relaxation and meditation which helps you deal with stress. You can do any of the light exercises allowed for you. However, you cannot do it all at once. Light exercise does not just help for your muscular health but also maintains the firmness of your bones. You do not need any supplements or maintenance drinks for fitness and muscular health. This is because light-exercises always help.

  • Have a routine that fits on your fitness goal

Maintain a fit body after a diet and create your fitness routine. The goal of your fitness program is to maintain a healthy and fit body after the HCG diet. However, this does not mean that you will stop yourself from enjoying more foods. You can still enjoy more foods but you have to be watchful of your caloric intake. Choose a fitness program that does not require too much of your energy.

  • Load on healthy foods

Make sure that you are loading healthy food choices such as organic products. It is because the foods that you eat play a big role in your weight loss. Make sure to stay hydrated all the time to maintain the distribution of nutrients in various parts of your body. Do not go back to your old eating habits to avoid further complications.

  • Load more on protein

Protein is one of the most important nutrients you need during weight loss and maintaining a healthy muscle. This is a food nutrient that can help in building your body tissues and renewing your cells. You can have an exact amount of protein in your meal to successfully maintain a healthy and firm muscle.

  • Keep moving

Staying active can help you preserve your muscle and it can also aid in burning extra calories in your body. Being physically active can tear off unhealthy fats and lowers your cholesterol level. However, you do not have to overdo physical activities especially if you are still doing the VLCD. Overdoing physical activities can destroy your muscle mass and will consume all your energy. Thus, eventually, cause fatigue.

  • Choose lean meat over fatty ones

Enjoy various cuts of meat such as chicken, pork, crab, beef and fish meat. However, you have to skip the fatty part to avoid weight gain. You can add your meat serving as long as you are done with your HCG diet. Lean meat can maintain healthy muscle mass.

  • Deal with stress healthily

Your body will tend to store unhealthy fats in various parts of your body when you are stress. These unhealthy fats will cover up your lean muscle and may destroy it. Deal stress right away by meditation, sleeping or relaxing. Detach yourself from the source of stress such as an unhealthy environment or workplace. Having enough time for sleep will lower stress levels and help in renewing your mind.