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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Fruits are a first-rate source of vital vitamins and minerals. They are also high in fiber which provides a wide range of antioxidants. Eating fruits during the HCG diet can lower your risk of getting hungry. Fruits also prevent your risk of unhealthy snacking and prevent you from having infections.

The first thing that comes to mind about snacking is having junk foods. It’s all about chips, donuts, fries, and pastries. The usual idea about snacks is not good for the health. Did you know that you can consider fruits as snacks? Yes, fruits can be a good snack, especially on your HCG diet. Fruits are the healthiest substitute for junk foods to prevent cravings. Eating fruits during the HCG diet is vital because of the following reasons;

Reason #1- Fruits can help lower your calorie-intake

When you substitute fruits from your bad snacks, it can help in lowering your calorie intake. When you lower your calorie intake, your weight will start to trim down. Eating fruits such as apple makes your HCG diet manageable. Fruits can help a lot to lessen the fats and cholesterols you get. The high-value fiber in fruits can keep you from binge eating.

Reason #2- Fruits can prevent disease

With all the vitamins and minerals in fruits, it helps fight various illnesses. The HCG diet-approved fruits can help to lower your blood sugar levels. Fruits help your body to act normal even when you are doing the VLCD. Eating fruits also helps in the proper digestion process while you are taking your HCG shots. The fruits during the HCG diet are slow-digesting foods. It maintains your satiety until the next meal.

Reason #3- Eating fruits can stimulate the brain

Since you will not eat the brain-blocking foods that contain white flour, dairy products, and sugar, eating fruits can clear your brain. You can think faster and process things with clarity and focus. Fruits have natural sugars which makes them delicious.

Can eating fruits help in dealing with sugar-cravings on the HCG diet?

Fruits have a natural sweet flavor which makes them a good substitute for sugar-sweetened foods. Eating fruits can help in dealing with sugar cravings. However, you must avoid eating if you are not hungry at all. Take note that you are on a strict diet which makes every calorie count. Eating fruits is as important as having healthy foods from various food groups

Calculate every calorie you eat including the calories from fruits. Do not eat canned fruits or dried fruits. Canned fruits come from fresh fruit however, they contain preservatives. Food chemicals like preservatives can stop the HCG from burning body fats. Dried fruits contain sugar which may not work well when you are taking your HCG shots.

For faster weight loss, add HCG shots to your daily routine. Taking HCG is vital to reach your weight loss goal. The HCG is responsible for burning your fats and suppressing your appetite. To avoid missing a dose, take your HCG shots in the morning before you get busy.