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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

Why Does the VLCD not Effective Without the HCG?

Why Does the VLCD not Effective Without the HCG?

Most dieters often incorporate a fasting method into their diet for 8 to 16 hours. A Fasting Method is from the concept of religious practices that allows cleansing. But, once you pass several hours, your body will start to send hunger pain. VLCD or Fasting Method is not permissible without the HCG. It is because they do not have any significance in reaching your weight loss goal.

When you cut your calorie intake without the VLCD, it can increase the fat deposition in your body. It is because your body’s hormones change when you experience starvation mode. VLCD can also reduce your metabolic rate when you do it without the HCG. Avoid cutting your calorie intake when you are not using HCG because you are more likely to get water retention.

Why does the VLCD be not Effective without the HCG?

VLCD does not work without the HCG because the design of your body is to increase the input of food to survive. If you are eating low-calorie meals without the HCG, you will experience fatigue, anxiety, drowsiness, low blood sugar, and intense hunger. Instead of starving yourself, pay attention to changing your lifestyle while using the HCG. It will help you in improving your overall health during the fat-burning phase.

Avoid the quick fix because it can also compromise your health. It can cause you to lose weight but, you will gain it back right away. The amount of weight gain after cutting calories and not using HCG is double the amount of what you lose. It is known as the backfire of resorting to unhealthy fixes. Administer the HCG as per the prescription and combine it with healthy food choices.

The effects of VLCD on Metabolism

A very low-calorie diet puts your body in a state of fat deposition when you are not taking HCG. VLCD can cause weight loss but, you will gain them back right away. It can also result in Yo-Yo dieting and water retention. It can also cause fatigue and unstable blood sugar levels. These adverse effects will be gone when you get back to your typical eating style. But, most dieters often do binge-eating to compensate for the missing calories.

VLCD Can Also Lead to Muscle Loss

Due to starvation, you will lose muscle when you do VLCD without administering your HCG shots. Your body will turn to your muscle mass for glycogen when your liver is not working well. It causes slow metabolism and muscle breakdown. When your metabolic rate slows down, it will give you a hard time losing weight. It can cause you to go back to your unhealthy eating habits.

Permissible Calories While Administering HCG for Weight Loss

The original protocol of the HCG diet allows a 500 calorie intake per day. Some revisions permit 800 calories for Phase 2. When cutting calories, ensure that you are getting the proper dosage of HCG to avoid calorie imbalances. It can help in suppressing your appetite and increasing your energy levels. Opt for healthy food choices to get the nutrients you need for weight loss.