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Spices You Can Have During the HCG Diet
Spices You Can Have During the HCG Diet


The HCG diet phase 2 is the center of the whole diet journey. Adding foods during this phase must be balanced with the weight loss and nutritional requirements of your body. You need to consume a variety of nutrient-dense foods that promotes your health and weight loss. Healthy food choices lead to improved dietary quality and metabolic health.

The modern approach of the HCG diet plan on Phase 2 has various food from different food groups. It has even more food choices compared to the original method of Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. Your meal should have a lesser serving during breakfast and have an equal amount for lunch and dinner.

Why add more foods to the modern approach of the HCG diet?

The overall reason for this is for your safety while reaching your weight loss goal. Most diet patient finds the original method as intimidating. That’s why the modern approach becomes the second plan to lose weight through the HCG diet plan. The changes in a new way allow an increase from twenty to forty percent of the daily calorie intake.

Adding more food makes you feel better with the protocol and fewer occurrences of hunger. However, you will stay for a longer duration during this approach than the HCG diet’s original plan. Having more food choices and will make you stick on VLCD throughout your day.

When you add more foods, it does not mean that you can consume whatever you want. You need to follow the protocol to be able to avoid the triggers of weight gain. As you follow this process, you have to ensure that you are maintaining the HCG shots every day.

How many calories can you have daily on the modern protocol of the HCG diet?

The new HCG diet protocol for Phase 2 allows 800 calories per day. It will give you enough energy to function for the whole day. You cannot still do extra work or extreme activities during this process. Although it has a slower result than the original plan, you can always reach your weight loss goal.

The changes of food choices from the original plan to the modern method of the HCG diet

There are new food choices and frozen food selections available. You can safely incorporate frozen foods such as fish meats or ready to cook lean protein choices. There are various advancements with this approach compared to Dr.Simeons’ plan back in the 1950s.

You can also have sugar substitutes except for stevia. Use calorie-free sweeteners and sweet foods such as chewing gums. You can again drink sweetened-drinks or flavored water as long as it has low calories. However, in the long run, you have to limit your use of these products.

The NO foods for the modern approach of HCG diet Phase 2

  • Do not eat salmon, salami, lamb meat, and fatty fish
  • No starches, bread, rice, and nay forms of sugar
  • No pasta, potatoes, pineapple, watermelon, and banana
  • Do not eat corn, peas, carrots, and beans
  • No nuts, salad dressings, and limit olive oils