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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

Which HCG Diet Version Should You Follow?

Which HCG Diet Version Should You Follow?

Several HCG diet protocols are popping out as modifications of the original protocol. Most of the HCG modifications are under medical supervision. When you begin the HCG diet, ensure that you stick to the protocol. Dieters can choose the original program or the modern low-calorie version of the HCG diet.

The Modern Version of the HCG diet is not similar to the original plan of Dr.Simeons. Nonetheless, it can produce promising results on your weight loss goal. Most of the Modern Versions of the HCG Diet are also have additional food choices and calories. These modifications are for dieters who are not comfortable with a 500 calorie diet or taking other medications.

Before starting with the HCG diet, ensure you pay a visit to your doctor. It helps you in assessing your body and medications to avoid interfering with the HCG. Inform your physician about your existing diseases and medications to avoid compromising your health. In choosing which version of the HCG diet should follow, assess your limitations to avoid overdoing.

Which Version of the HCG Diet Should You Follow?

The Original Protocol of the HCG Diet

Typically dieters are familiar with the original protocol that allows 500 calorie intake per day. You should adhere to the protocol and maintain proper portion sizes to avoid slip-ups. You also have to load 200 grams of protein, two servings of vegetables, and two fruit choices per day. The original protocol allows breadsticks and Melba toast as permissible carbs.

The original protocol is not a depriving process. It helps you lose weight fast and reach your weight loss goal in a minimum period. The extreme calorie cut down establishes a healthy relationship with food and eating discipline. Ensure that you are administering the HCG shots in combination with the VLCD to avoid starvation. Over the years, the original protocol is a successful regimen and does not show hunger symptoms to dieters.

The Modern Version of the HCG Diet

Most diet professionals support the Modern version o the HCG diet. It promotes a variety of food choices and an increase in calorie intake per day. From 500 calories to 800 per day but, continue avoiding sugar, fats, and unhealthy carbs. You can follow this version if you have a minimal weight loss goal or having other health concerns. The progress and weight loss results are slower but, you can reach your weight loss goal.

Tips in Choosing Which HCG Diet Version to Follow:

  • Assess if which calorie intake works for your health situation. Is it on the 500 calories or the 800 calorie version?
  • Know the food options and other product limitations for each version.

Ask yourself:

  • Will you eat the 500 calorie version but follows an expanded food list?
  • Will you follow the 800 calorie version and use the original food list from Dr. Simeons’ plan?

Your decision plays a role in reaching your weight loss goal. It directs your way towards success and avoids pitfalls. Seek some advice from your dietician to change, assess, and limit you on the HCG diet.