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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Cheat foods are consumed hurriedly and affect your weight in a snap. After a cheat meal, you will be consumed with guilt. This negatively impacts your health and your future food choices. Cheating during the HCG diet immediately interferes with how the HCG works. HCG diet is an effective regimen. However, it can also stop working when you consume unhealthy foods.

Cheating is not just about the meal that you eat. You also have to watch out with your daily activities. This is because there are activities that can also ruin your diet such as heavy workouts. You are not allowed to do heavy exercise because it consumes your energy and affects your way of eating. Heavy workout also increases the stress levels that make you gain weight naturally.

Things that you must do after cheating on the P2 of the HCG diet

  • You will put on some weight- this is the immediate response of your body from the unhealthy food ingredients that are caused by cheating. Do not panic when you see some weight gain instead you have to act on it right away. Panicking will just increase your stress levels that will ruin your weight loss process.
  • Cover it up by drinking water– Hydration can help to flush out water weights and chemicals that cause weight gain. Keep yourself hydrated the day after cheating to avoid the worst side effects. Water can also give you a sensation of fullness and prevents hunger from occurring.
  • Do not fall out of the diet tracking- If you cheated on your diet once you must do something about it right away. Do not prolong the effect of cheating on your body to avoid going back to the start of your diet. You can do the apple day or the cheat day as a weight corrector in case you are gaining pounds.
  • Avoid the non-HCG diet foods– These are the foods that are not listed on the HCG diet food list. These food choices are a common cause of weight gain. Avoid food choices that are already processed. Do not eat foods that have carbs, sugar, oil, preservatives, and too much salt.
  • Plan your meal- Proper planning prevents poor performance on your weight loss. Plan your meal properly and make sure that you follow the calorie requirements allowed during the VLCD. Study the entire protocol of the HCG diet properly to avoid slipping on next time.
  • Do not go even further- Do not double up the effect of cheating. Once you see weight gain you have to act on it right away. Diet cheats happen even if you fully commit to your weight loss. You are allowed to be upset or to feel guilt but it is better to move forward.

Do not prolong the unhealthy effects so that you will not ruin the entire cycle of the diet. As much as possible you have to avoid the things that trigger you to cheat on your diet. Remember that the HCG diet is not about your personal cravings or pleasure on foods. This is all about reaching your weight loss goal regardless of your standing.