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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



The VLCD of the HCG diet comes after the loading phase. It is done when your fat stores are filled and ready for weight loss. It requires you to reduce your intake of calories as your body undergoes fat burning and other changes. This means that you will start to replace and ditch off the unhealthy foods that you usually have. The VLCD of the HCG diet usually lasts for 3 to 6 weeks depending on how much weight you want to lose.

Is VLCD safe during the HCG diet?

Cutting off your calorie intake is dangerous because it affects the internal and external activities of your body. However, doing the VLCD during the HCG diet is safe. It is because the HCG is responsible for the major resetting of metabolism. It also curbs hunger and even manages your energy levels during the very low-calorie diet. The HCG will prevent you from having low energy during the low-calorie intake.

The HCG will reach a certain region in your brain that is responsible for metabolism. Through this, it allows fast burning of your body fats. The burned body fats will be converted into energy that fuels your body for the entire day. This is the reason why VLCD is only safe if the HCG is in your system.

Portioning your daily calorie intake on the VLCD of the HCG diet

Providing a food scale can help with food portioning. You are allowed to weigh your food choices before cooking. This is important especially in coming up with the right portion of the meat. In portioning your calories you can follow the original protocol of the HCG diet for phase 2. Below is an example calorie plan for VLCD:


You can have water, coffee or tea. No solid food allowed in the morning.


1serving of protein it can be 100 grams lean beef meat

1 serving of vegetable

A handful of strawberry or other fruits

1 Melba toast


You can have the same meal as you have during lunch. You can also replace it as long as it does not go beyond the calorie limit.

The foods allowed during the VLCD of the HCG diet

  • Lean beef meat
  • Chicken breast, veal, and white fish
  • Lobster, shrimp and lean crab meat
  • Boiled egg, asparagus, and beet greens
  • Chard, cabbage, sprouts, and celery
  • Chicory, spinach, celery, and chard
  • Fennel, cucumber, lettuce, and broccoli
  • Radish, tomatoes, and onions
  • Carrots, cauliflower, and kale
  • Grapefruit, lemon, and oranges
  • Apple, strawberry, and blueberries
  • Peach, plums, pear, and cranberries

Do HCG and VLCD has a side effect on your body?

There are some cases that HCG cause light side effects especially during the first 3 days of the VLCD. This is because your body is still adjusting to your new calorie intake. However, these side effects do not come all at once and may also not come at all. You can experience headache, hunger pain and dizziness.

What do you need to know about the VLCD of the HCG diet?

  • The VLCD is not for everybody– Which means that you need medical supervision before you will start the VLCD. It is not allowed if you have underlying conditions or life-threatening diseases. VLCD may also not work for children. That is why you need to have a medical check-up to get a go signal from your doctor or to see if your body is ready for weight loss.
  • The VLCD detoxifies your body– The low-calorie foods that you will be eating during the HCG diet are whole and clean. This means that your body will take a rest in receiving high calories and other food ingredients. During the VLCD of the HCG diet, you will throw the chemically processed foods. This leads to detoxification and
  • Lowers your blood sugar– VLCD will stop your body from storing glucose and producing fats. This is because you will not be allowed to eat sugar. VLCD of the HCG diet only allows you to have the foods that are on the food list. This will cut down your intake of fatty foods to prevent high blood pressure and other diseases. Sugar has a level of calories that can cause weight gain.
  • It gives nutrients- the low-calorie intake does not mean that you are being deprived during the weight loss. This only means that your body is receiving the exact amount of calories and nutrients for weight loss. VLCD will meet the daily nutritional demands of your body. Thus, it will not compromise your health.

Promote weight loss during the VLCD of the HCG diet

#1- Stay hydrated

You are only allowed to drink water and sugar-free coffee and tea. Water will keep you hydrated and curbs hunger. It also cleans your bloodstream from the toxins of the burned body fats. Water promotes the proper distribution of various nutrients that are needed for weight loss. Thus maintains proper metabolism.

#2- Maintain your HCG shot

Do not go on 24 hours without your HCG shot. The HCG shot is the most important part because weight loss is impossible without it. The HCG will target the hard-to-reach areas and stubborn body fats that are not burned by your diet program before. It also burns your body fats without touching your muscle mass. Maintain your HCG shot to have greater results in weight loss.

#3- Always refer to the HCG diet food list

It is important in grocery shopping and food preparation. Aside from doing food portioning it is important to have the right foods for weight loss in the first place. The food list will serve as your guide with the food choices and portion of calories during the VLCD.

#4-You can plan your own recipe

To avoid getting bored with a repetitive meal you can try cooking other recipes. You can create your diet meal according to the HCG diet plan. Just avoid sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. Load on the foods that helps you reach your weight loss goal. See to it that you do not go beyond the 500 to 800 calorie limitation during the VLCD.