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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Losing weight is tough. However, there is something else that is tougher. You feel like you are doing everything and still not seeing the improvements. This is what we call a plateau. This is a frustrating situation on the HCG diet. You may notice something wrong even how hard you have tried to lose weight. However, there are still ways to correct and get back on track.

Upon stepping on the HCG diet Phase 2 the weight loss started. You will experience rapid weight loss. However, there are cases that your weight loss will cease. You may wonder what the reason is. Do not worry because this case will only last for 3 days. You can still go back to the track and lose weight continuously.

The main cause of Plateau

  • Eating out You fail to control the ingredients of the food. It makes you load on something that is not allowed on the diet. If you eat outside, you possibly loaded the food that interferes with the diet. The solution for this is to prepare the food at home. As much as possible please do avoid getting out. Eating out can cause weight gain instantly.
  • Water retention- This case usually happens to women. This is common at the end of the HCG diet. Women gain weight because of water retention on the HCG diet due to periods. Resolving water retention is very easy. You have to drink more water in these cases.
  • Improper calorie counting- Do not go over 5oo calories a day on phase 2. Count the calories every time you load on. If you fail to count there will be a possibility that you do wrong. You may consume calories too low or too high. Be aware of the food labels and other caloric foods.
  • Protein- Be careful about the meat that you bought. Make sure to have meat that has lesser fats. The fats in the meat can affect the work of the HCG hormones in the body. During the HCG diet, the fat intake must be extremely low. If you gain weight, you can change a meat source. You can have chicken or fish as your protein source. Find the exact protein that can trigger the weight loss again.

How to Avoid Further Plateaus?

  • Choose to have healthy food cravings—Observe 500 calorie intakes
  • Have healthy stress management—do not find comfort in foods
  • Keep a food journal to track the loaded foods—Have a daily food record
  • Do not do heavy exercises—have an interval of the light exercises
  • Have enough rest—Give your body time to process things
  • Track your weight loss journey—be mindful of what you are eating
  • Load on the exact HCG amount