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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



One of the worthy goals you can have is to begin a diet to lose weight and improve your health. Weight loss can be a bit overwhelming and challenging. However, there is something special to it. Weight loss became special as soon as you realize that it is more beneficial than being sick or being overweight. You have to fully compose yourself before stepping into any weight loss program.

It is important to know that all weight loss programs are helpful. However, not all of them are beneficial and safe. That is why before starting a weight loss you have to assess yourself first. Measure your willingness to lose weight by cutting your food intake? Are you still willing to take the step even if it means letting go of your food indulgences? Can you adapt to new food choices and eating patterns? If you are ready then you are good to take the first step.

Why choose the HCG diet?

Aside from having a safety protocol, the HCG diet is well planned by a doctor. HCG diet is a weight loss program that helps you lose weight rapidly. You do not have to spend too much on weight loss surgery because the HCG diet works naturally. The HCG makes your body consume the fat in your body, instead of the muscle so you eliminate a ton of fat during the weight loss duration.

The HCG diet also is accompanied by a healthy diet plan. It includes plenty of healthy foods and foods that have a low-calorie level but highly nutritious. To sustain your weight loss you have to consider life changes afterwards. But before jumping into the program, you have to consult your doctor first. Do not jump into the weight loss program without fully knowing what you are into.

Why do you need to consult your doctor before starting the HCG diet?

Have a consultation with your doctor to be able to discuss your options. This step is important especially if you have an underlying condition. You have to know the pros and cons of the weight loss program to be fully prepared. A doctor’s consultation is important for you to have a basis in creating your weight loss goal. It will also be your go signal if your body is fully ready for the HCG diet.

Easy ways to get a good start of the HCG diet

Tip #1 – Plan your meals ahead of time- this is one of the most important things you can do in starting the HCG diet. This will save your time in cooking and planning at the last minute especially during the VLCD. One of the most important parts of the diet is to plan your meals out because you need to carefully calculate your daily calorie intake.

Tip #2 – Drink plenty of water– water helps the HCG in metabolizing abnormal fat. This provides faster energy when you start cutting your intake of calories. Start to train your body from drinking an adequate amount of water before or during phase 1 of the HCG diet. Practice drinking water even if you are not thirsty.

Tip #3- Start to get rid of processed food- During the main phase of the HCG diet, you have to see to it that your body is cleared from unhealthy food ingredients. Consider processed foods as junk. Avoid nay access to junk foods because it will make the weight loss difficult. You also have to train yourself in eating at home and preparing your own food instead of having it from restaurants.

Tip #4- Learn the protocol- It is important to get familiar with the diet protocol before you start. This is to make sure that you know what you are doing and what you are into. The HCG diet protocol will serve as your guide to your daily calorie intake. It will also guide you to the allowed foods, cosmetics, activities, and other dietary requirements.

Starting the HCG diet being mentally prepared

One of the major blockage for weight loss is thinking too much and too fast. This means that are highly expecting for a great result.  Thinking too much is a misconception in preparing yourself for weight loss. Although you are allowed to plan ahead but it does not mean that you will expect too much. Remember that most of the dieters that quit the process are those who want an immediate result.

Set your mind to it and relax. Go with the protocol of the diet and follow it. Accomplish each phase for greater result. Patience is also recommended during the HCG diet. Earn to wait and enjoy reaching your weight loss goal step by step. There is nothing wrong on expecting but it must be realistic. To successfully be prepared for the HCG diet you have to gather support and information from the testimonies of the successful dieters. Through this, it can plant positivity in your mindset.

Starting the HCG diet with the proper meal/ food choices

Each phase of the HCG diet has different meal requires especially on the intake of calories. To jumpstart or to start phase 1, you have to load fatty food choices. Phase 1 is known as the 2-day loading which is an important part of the protocol. This way of loading fatty foods is not to worsen your situation. It is for your fat stores to be prepared for rapid weight loss. To get your diet off to a good start you have to refer to the diet food list for more food options.

Is there a caloric requirement in the starting phase of the HCG diet?

No. There is no exact amount of calories that is required during the loading phase. It is because you are encouraged to eat as much fatty foods as you want. However, you are not allowed to eat foods until you feel or get sick. This only means that you have to focus on loading more on healthy sources of fats. These are found in cheese, avocado, fish oil, nuts, olive and coconut oil.  Fried foods, pizza, pies and ice cream are still allowed during the 2 day loading.