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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



What is water retention?

Water retention is extra water that your body is holding. It is also known as water weights. This kind of build-up can cause bloating and puffiness. Water weight usually stays in your abdomen, arms, legs, and belly. It can cause your weight to fluctuate or leads to a weight loss plateau. You can gain up to 4 pounds because of water retention.

When water retention occurs during your HCG diet you do not have to panic. It can cause you to gain weight even how you follow the protocol. As soon as your period ends, you can lose those water weights. You can go back to the normal routine which is having the HCG shots daily. Your weight loss will also go back to its fast rate.

What are the causes of water retention?

The causes of water retention are too much sodium in your body. It’s because too much salt will hold water to dilute it. Another cause of water retention is menstruation. This is very common especially for women during their period. Having water weights are normal when your period comes. That’s why you do not have to panic when your weight loss rate slows down or you will see weight gain.

Why does water retention occur during your period?

Water retention occurs because of some hormonal changes during your period or PMS. Hormonal changes because of estrogen and progesterone decrease. This is a sign that your menstruation is about to begin. Estrogen and progesterone regulate the way your body controls fluid. When these hormones start to reduce the tissues in your body will start to absorb water. Water retention can also cause swelling in your breasts and belly.

What will you do when you gain water weights during the HCG diet?

  • Calm down- Panicking can only cause you to have high-stress levels. Take note that stress can trigger your emotional cravings. It’s because you tend to find comfort from the foods you eat. Calm down and find better solutions to control hunger.
  • Eat foods that are low in salt- Low salt foods helps in controlling the water weights in your body. It also allows your body to stay full and avoid hunger. Decrease your sodium intake while waiting for your menstruation to stop.
  • Eat more protein-Protein keeps you stay full longer. This will help the remaining HCG in your system to curb hunger. Protein is also important so that your body will hold less water.
  • Eat magnesium-rich foods- having foods with high in magnesium can take off water weights. It also controls the levels of sodium in your body. Magnesium also controls other premenstrual symptoms. You can eat spinach, apple, and other green leafy vegetables to gain more magnesium.
  • Stay hydrated- Drink plenty of water to lose water weights caused by retention. Water can also flush excess sodium and food chemicals that cause water retention. Aside from water, you can also have unsweetened tea or soups. Maintain hydration to avoid muscle cramps and constipation during your period.