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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

Understanding Health Myths during the HCG Diet

Understanding Health Myths during the HCG Diet

Health rumors from society without medical approval can compromise health. These are health myths that you need to avoid during the HCG diet. If you are not aware of how the diet works, you are more likely to fall into health myths. It can damage your body and mislead your overall weight loss process.

What are Health Myths?

Health myths are false claims that mislead people. They are a straightforward exposition of a baseless medical case. Health myths are pitfalls during the HCG diet and, they can also compromise your overall health. It is a medical belief that is not agreed upon by scientific and medical studies. Ensure that you are following a weight loss program that has scientific facts to avoid health issues.

Understanding Health Myths on the HCG Diet

  • Eating fatty foods makes you fat.

It is not true because your body needs healthy fats to improve cardiovascular health. Weight gain is due to excess calorie intake and not due to healthy fat choices. You can eat healthy fats during the loading phase of the HCG diet and after the VLCD. It helps in preparing your fat stores for the fat-burning Phase.

Avoid eating processed foods that contain saturated fats during the HCG diet. Eating loads of deep-fried meats, chips, and other fatty treats can increase your cholesterol levels and results in hypertension. The fatty food options advisable on the HCG diet are nuts, avocados, olives, and fish.

  • Carbs can cause weight gain.

The first thing to understand is not all carbs are harmful. Carbs are not equal. Some carbohydrates will help maintain your energy and provide essential nutrients to your body. The VLCD of the HCG diet permits breadsticks and Melba toast as the carb options. They are low in calories and do not affect your weight loss process.

You can also eat potatoes, starchy vegetables, and other healthy carb options during the loading phase. But it is better to maintain a low-calorie portion to avoid a fat deposition. Avoid eating cupcakes, bread, refined grains, and other processed carbs. Stick to eating legumes, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Although starchy vegetables are not advisable on the VLCD, you can eat them after the program.

  • Strenuous workouts can help you lose weight.

Strenuous activities are permissible to bodybuilders, athletes, and strength trainers. They help in toning the muscle and improving the structure. But, they are not advisable during the HCG diet or any weight loss regimen. Strenuous activities require more energy and can cause fatigue during the VLCD.

Note that obese people have mobility and physical barriers to exercising. The HCG aids the obese individual in weight loss without exercising. The advisable activities on the HCG diet are walking, jogging, running, swimming, dancing, and yoga. These are light activities that improve yo metabolism and boost your brain function. Avoid overdoing exercise because it can cause stress and overeating.

Start an appropriate weight loss program and assess the HCG protocol. Ensure that you gather more information about the program to avoid misleading health claims. Stick to the HCG diet protocol to maintain your overall health while losing weight.