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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



An open door to lose weight is to practice new things. This is done when you are ready to quit every unhealthy habit that causes you to gain weight. Get support from the people around you in practicing new things. You can be successful with your diet if you are supported by many. You will not just be changing your habit also your lifestyle. This is for you to successfully reach your weight loss goal.

You have to maintain a healthy habit so that you can have a smooth weight loss. The HCG will not be effective in burning your fats especially if you continue to practice the things that cause you to gain weight. That is why it is important to quit your unhealthy habits to be able to start losing weight through the help of HCG. You will learn new habits on the HCG diet that will keep you on the diet track.

What are habits?

These are the common things that are already part of the conscious and subconscious lifestyle. This includes the simplest act to the greatest hobby. You have to practice new things and start to adapt it as you go on your HCG diet. Healthy habits include a healthy eating style. You also need to be healthy in your daily activities especially when you are on the weight loss process. This is effective in curbing hunger and unexpected weight gain.

Starting a new habit is a big challenge especially if you are used to unhealthy practices. However, this is needed to be able to perform a successful weight loss. Eat the right kinds of food at the right place, right amount and the right time. This means that you have to implement it at home. You will be no longer allowed to eat outside or in any restaurants to be able to avoid unhealthy food choices.

What are the things you need to start in stepping to the HCG diet?

  • Start with healthy food choices- Healthy food choices such as whole foods and organic products. Ditch off your addiction to foods that are processed and have a lot of preservatives and flavorings. Start to load on foods that have a single ingredient and do not undergo the process. Choose healthy food choices such as vegetables, whole fruit, and lean meats.
  • Have a proper eating discipline- Eat slowly and choose what you eat. Do not just load on as many foods as you can. The HCG diet is sensitive to the intake of calories. That is why you have to build an eating discipline to be able to avoid weight gain. You must eat slowly to carefully process the foods that you have loaded. Follow the cut down of the calorie during the HCG diet. Make sure you do not go beyond or fewer calories than what is allowed. Watch what you eat and drink and keep a record of it.
  • Prepare healthy snack food- your snack food choices must be separated from the food of your household. It must be exclusive for you to be able to lose weight. Implement proper snacking and portion. You can make a diet-friendly snack out of fruits and vegetable choices. HCG diet will change your overall point of view towards food. Watch out for your intake of calories even after the very low-calorie diet. You must also have to control your food choices as well as the snack foods.
  • Take time to rest or sleep- Do not stay up late or spend too much time on unhealthy things. You have to find time to sleep and rest to be able to renew your energy. Sleeping staves off stress and it curbs the possible storing of fats caused by lack of sleep.  Sleeping can help you boost your focus and lowers high stress levels. Sleeping can also promote a proper balance of digestion and metabolism during weight loss.
  • Have a balanced exercise routine-You can do yoga, walking, swimming, dancing, or a short time jog. Light exercise maintains bone and muscle growth. You can do light exercises every morning after your cup of coffee or before you go to work. Balance your exercise routine by having a time schedule on when you would implement it. Make sure that you are not doing any heavy exercise to be able to preserve energy.

How will you control your bad habits during the HCG diet?

  • Proper Loading- Loading on healthy food will help you take off all the food chemicals in your body. These food chemicals are from unhealthy food choices or processed foods. These are the foods that cause you to gain weight faster. Be careful on your calorie if you are on your phase 2.
  • Prioritize your health- Take care of your health by following a healthy routine. You can maintain a healthy body through the HCG diet. HCG diet will help you take back your health that has been gone because of obesity.
  • Stop emotional eating- Emotional eating will not just cause you to gain weight but also diseases and stress. Deal with your emotions and stress right away to avoid emotional eating. You have to stop emotional eating or check your emotions before you have to eat. Be careful and avoid eating when you are emotionally stressed to avoid weight gain.
  • Do not skip any meal- Do not skip your HCG meals because it is important to meet the nutritional requirements of your body. Enjoy your HCG diet recipe and be responsible for eating especially if you are doing the VLCD. This is also effective during the 500 calorie diet. Do not skip your meals especially when you are doing the VLCD. It is very important to prepare yourself for weight loss stabilization.
  • Follow the HCG diet plan wisely- The HCG diet plan will help you burn all your unhealthy body fats and preserves your muscles. It will also help you in choosing a healthy meal plan and to be a healthy eater. The HCG will supplement your body’s ability to burn fats and use them as your energy source. That is why it is safe to implement a very low-calorie diet.