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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Losing weight oftentimes took us so hard to do. Kick off the weight loss barriers by doing the HCG diet. The weight loss barriers are the cause of why a dieter became sluggish and unhealthy. The common things that stop the weight loss on HCG are habits. Instead of stopping the weight loss process, you have to stop the bad habits. Promote weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

The things that stop weight loss are:

  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Lack of sleep
  • Loading more on unhealthy foods
  • Emotional eating due to stress
  • indulging in stressful things such as extreme workout
  • Failure to have the HCG diet hormones
  • Carbs, sugar, and fats

The unhealthy lifestyle is a big disaster if you are on a weight loss process. This is one of the targets to be stopped during the HCG diet. The unhealthy habits such as overeating can sabotage weight loss. The reason why there is a caloric cut down on HCG diet is to help the body in shifting from old habits. It is not about the number of calories in each serving. This is about the quality of each calorie you have. The unhealthy habits will cause you to load on too many calories that sabotage the weight loss.

Lack of sleep and stress has a common effect in the body. It triggers the stress hormones that allow the body to gain weight naturally. Stress is unhealthy both in the physical and emotional aspect of a person. It is important to give yourself time to relax and think. If the person is stressed, rapid weight loss will be impossible.

Unhealthy foods such as those that are processed can delay weight loss. This is because of the harmful chemicals. It will ruin the work of the HCG diet hormones in weight loss. There is a list of the allowed foods that you can have in a particular phase of the diet. See to it that there are no processed foods in your meal serving. HCG diet promotes loading on organic and fresh products.

Extreme workout can cause weariness and extreme hunger. This is because the body is exerting force. If the body runs out of energy there will be hunger. If hunger occurs, overeating will eventually follow. Other factors that stop weight loss are fatty foods, carbs, and sugar. Be careful about the food choices as well as the lifestyle because it always affects weight loss.