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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Habits are ways of the brain to save energy. This is the ability of the body to operate. It performs many behaviors unconsciously. We are known as a creature of habit. This is proven by a certain study. There are cases that habits are useful. However, in most cases, our habits are not beneficial to the body.

What is a Habit loop?

Researchers discovered a neurological loop of a habit. This has 3 parts. It shows how small or large the habit is. The three components of habit are:

  • Cue- This is a signal to begin the work. It triggers the brain to go in automatic mode. It chooses the habit that will be going to use in a certain situation.
  • Routine- This follows directly after the cue. This is the behavior itself. It can be mental, emotional, or physical behavior. Routine is a sequence of actions or procedures in a person or program.
  • Reward- This is the last step. A reward is a reason why you do such behavior. It is the one that helps the brain to figure out the loop. It chooses the exact loop that is worth remembering in the future.

These three cycles are the cause of habits. It gives a powerful sense to do it over and over again. This is because you are expecting a reward. This makes the brain find it hard in deciding. It is because you are already getting used to the habits.

Understanding the Habit

Habits are automatic. This leads us to be unconscious of what we do. As early as you start your HCG diet, you must change your habit. Trick yourself by creating good habits that can benefit your health. Insert a new routine to forget the old one. Understand how the habit works so that you can control them. Identify the behavior that you want to change. This is the most obvious aspect of your habits.

The trickiest part is identifying the cue. This is hard to spot but this is needed. Make a plan after you identify the loops. This will help you shift your behavior. Set your habit on the HCG-friendly one. HCG has created a better routine and gives the right reward for each craving. You have the right to stop or stay away from the things that are causes of bad habits. Changing habits takes a long time. This is the time that the HCG diet program will change the habit that you get used to. You’ll be starting again a new habit that is free from failures. You will gain power as you step on the track of the HCG diet. Remember that each habit has an effect on health. Be wise enough to practice a habit of HCG diet.