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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



The gorging days are also known as binge eating.  Eat all of your favorite foods. It may seem opposing but it is needed. Another diet restricts calories at the beginning of the duration. HCG allows the gorging days for a purpose. This is to build up the fat stores in the body. Through this, the body will release a signal to stimulate weight loss.

For two days duration, a dieter is allowed to eat high-fat foods. You can load up as much as you want for breakfast and the rest of the day. During the two days duration, you start to take the HCG injections. Do not eat or drink in 30 minutes before and after the HCG injection. HCG diet comes with guides on how to use the hormones. There are details on how to get through the diet duration.

What to eat during the loading days?

You can eat all you can. It is more promoted to eat more fatty foods. This is to signal the brain to start the burning process. You can eat fried meats, hamburgers and sausages. During these two days, you can indulge in the foods that you have been enjoying. You will gain weight in this part. However, this is normal in the first two days of the HCG diet.

When does the HCG work start?

The onset of the HCG is in two to three days in using the hormones. Pounds can trim down every day. Take note that HCG hormones work from one person to the other. Remember to weigh each morning to track the pounds that are trimmed.

HCG diet is for everyone. Before you start the diet it is important to have a doctor’s checkup. This is for the purpose of the go signal. The doctor will be the one to decide when you will start the diet. This is to make sure that the body is ready for the VLCD. Phase 1 is about consuming high-calorie foods for the diet duration. Eat enough foods during these days and make sure that your body is healthy. This is the time that the metabolism will increase.

Tips for Gorging

  • Take the HCG- be excited for all the delicious foods in this part. Do not forget to take the HCG to start the weight loss. Foods will supply the body until the HCG kicks in.
  • Eat anything- eat all the favorite foods that you have. You will miss this in phase 2. Take one last bite of the foods that make you fat. This is a funny thing in the knowledge of diet. However, we can trust the HCG protocol.
  • Concentrate on fat-This is the main goal of the loading days. Aim for high-fat foods.