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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Everyone has good and bad habits especially eating. Eating habits refers to how you eat, which food you eat, and how you obtain foods. This includes your eating pattern and your perception of foods. Every part of your lifestyle and eating patterns has an impact on your weight. Bad eating habits are hard to change especially if you get comfortable with them. If you are planning to lose weight, you must change your habits first.

What is a bad eating habit?

Bad eating habit is a way of eating less or too many foods. This results in nutritional deficiency and weight gain. Bad eating habits can cause the rapid storing of fats in various parts of your body. It’s because of the unhealthy foods and high calories that you have been eating. This must be stopped before starting the HCG diet.

The five habits that you must stop during the HCG diet Phase 2

  1. Stop having poor drink choices- Water is the only drink choice that does not have calories. The rest contains calories such as soda, fruit juices, alcohol, wine, and beer. These beverages have high-calorie content that immediately leads to weight gain. Coffee and tea are allowed as long as it is free from sugar. These have low-calorie content that is fitted for your VLCD.
  2. Stop eating before bed- This is one of the worst eating habits. Eating before you sleep can cause weight gain. The ability of your body to digest food is at the peak during bedtime. This means that the foods you will be eating may not be digested properly. The foods will just be stored as unhealthy fats right away. You should eat on time and eat the right foods to avoid hunger at night.
  3. Stop eating Dessert- bad dessert choices are just everywhere. This will trigger your food cravings anytime. You have to stop eating dessert when you are on the VLCD. Eating dessert will add extra calories to your body which may lead to weight gain. Instead of buying foods for dessert, you can replace them with HCG diet-approved fruits. The approved fruit choices have low calories. It can also help with weight loss.
  4. Stop purchasing nonHCG diet-approved foods- The HCG diet food list is an important guide to purchasing your foods. You cannot buy whatever you want during the second phase of the HCG diet. You have to be watchful with every food that you have. See to it that you have been reading food labels before purchasing.
  5. Stop having deep-fried foods- Deep-fried foods have negative effects not just on your weight but also on your health. It can put you at a higher risk of developing certain cancer, diabetes, and high blood cholesterol.

Pick out the preferred foods that can help you lose weight. Stick to the allowed food every time you do your groceries. Remember that you are in the very low-calorie phase. Unhealthy foods can trigger hunger it can also stimulate your appetite. Maintain proper food portioning during the HCG diet.