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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Fat fast has been done for many years. The main goal of fat fast is to break the diet stall. This is also used to reset the cheat days. Fat fasting helps in burning fats that are stored in the body. Most of us know the work of the HCG diet. It has various health benefits. It also prevents various diseases. Fat fast is recommended to those who are used to the low-calorie diet. This is used in the HCG diet to correct the weight stall. Weight stall happens in the middle of rapid weight loss.

What is a weight stall?

Metabolism declines as the body lose weight. This causes a dieter to burn fewer calories. This is the case when the weight stall occurs. It is also known as the plateau. Weight stall is when the weight loss suddenly stopped. You do not gain weight nor lose some. Weight stall is said to be normal on the HCG diet. One reason for this is water retention. However, weight stall on the HCG diet only happens for 3 days. This is why fat fast is recommended to correct such a situation.

How to overcome a weight-loss stall?

The fat fast will help the HCG diet in correcting the weight. There will be tempting lifestyles that will really knock the weight loss down. However, you can still do something to correct things out. Observe the following in doing the HCG fat fast.

  • Stick on the calorie count- Fuel the body with the food that you eat. The body will supply energy from the fat. Calorie intake is one factor to be focused on during fasting. Make sure to have the proper goal of calories in each meal.
  • Check the quality- The food must be safe and HCG diet-friendly. Do not focus on what the food is. However, focus on what the food has. It is not about the number of food. This is all about the nutrients and benefits we can get from it. There must be no room for processed foods.
  • Change your routine- If the body gets familiar and does not respond to your light exercise, change it. If you are used to a 10 minutes’ walk, change it into 10 minutes cleaning the house. You can also do a 10 minutes stroll in the mall. Trick your body and do the light exercise in an alternate manner.

Implementing the Fat-fast meal plan

Create recipes out of the HCG-allowed fats. Have plenty of servings in your mealtime. It is important to follow the basic rules of the fat fast on the HCG diet. The success of the diet often comes from following the basics. if you neglect the basics, you will be sick.