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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet


Carbohydrates and sugar are not allowed in the HCG diet. This is not even allowed in the body is too much intake. It has various health effects. Carb is a form of sugar that has too many calories. It will cause the body to gain fat. Carbs are part of the nutritional need of the body. However, too much intake of carbs can harm the body. This is not allowed in the duration of the HCG diet. There is a strict rule that each dieter must follow. The HCG diet allows the body to be healthy. Staying away from carbs is a part of it.

Counting calories and carbs is important to lose weight. The HCG diet has specific restrictions on calories. The only allowed amount of calories is 500. The carb intake must be totally stopped. It is because it will delay the effect of the HCG hormones. It will also sabotage weight loss. HCG promotes burning more calories than eating them. This is a great way you can do to lose weight.

Cabs are a source of energy for the body. It allows the body to do more activity. However, these are not needed in the HCG diet. The HCG hormones will use the fats stores as the source of energy. It will sustain the energy needs of the body in the absence of carbs. The fats will be used as the fuel of the body to do activities. This will also provide the exact energy that the system of the body needs. It is important to load on the foods that meet the nutritional needs of the body.

Nutritional foods are found in the HCG diet list. You can find foods that boost health as well as promotes weight loss. The HCG diet will transition the body to get out from an unhealthy lifestyle. The foods in the HCG diet assure zero sugar and carbs. The fruits, veggies, and protein choices are beneficial for the body. There are many HCG dieters who successfully transition to a healthy lifestyle.

Do not take off carbs or does the 500 calorie diet without the HCG hormones. You can do the HCG diet right after a medical check-up. Doing the VLCD without HCG hormones is harmful. The HCG diet is done with the guidance of a healthcare professional. Follow the HCG protocol to reach the weight loss goal. Do not attempt to load on to carbs or sugar in any amount.  The HCG will burn fats rapidly. You can grab the weight loss goal in a short period of time.