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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Green tea is made from leaves buds that do not undergo oxidation. This is a plant-based drink that does not contain too many ingredients and industrial chemicals. Green tea has various health benefits and can play a role in helping you lose weight. This is also known as a natural health booster. Green tea has been used as a traditional medicine in China.

What are the benefits of drinking green tea?

  • Green tea repairs your immune system and improves the function
  • It also reduces your risk to heart health issues
  • Green tea can balance your cholesterol levels
  • This can also reduce your risk to a certain type of cancer
  • Maintains bone and tooth health
  • Green tea helps in weight loss
  • Drinking green tea can also improve hydration

How does green tea help in HCG diet Phase 2?

Green tea is effective in boosting your metabolism. It improves your body’s response to rapid fat burning. It can also improve your focus protects your brain from aging. Drinking green tea can also curb your risk of weight gain that is caused by high-stress levels. This can also improve the feeling of fullness in your stomach during the VLCD.

Green tea possesses thermogenic effects that allow your body to produce heat. The heat is produced through the increase of metabolism. This means that you are burning extra calories during the HCG diet. This helps the HCG in burning your body fats. Drinking green tea produces quick effects in alleviating high-stress levels and staves off cravings.

How much green tea should your drink on your VLCD?

You are allowed to drink as much as you can as long as it does not contain sugar. Green tea is allowed as your breakfast drink instead of coffee. This is low in calories and will make you less likely to gain weight. You can also try mixing green tea with other HCG approved ingredients such as ginger. You have to avoid mixing sugar on your tea. If you want to make it taste sweet you can add stevia on it.

Green tea and high-stress levels on HCG diet Phase 2

High-stress levels are dangerous during the HCG diet. It can cause natural weight gain due to the rising number of stress hormones. Stress can also stimulate your appetite for unhealthy foods. Thus, triggers cravings on specific comfort foods. Green tea has calming effects in your mind. It helps you relax your mind and improves your sleep.

Can you lose weight by drinking green tea alone?

No. Green tea can only burn extra calories from the foods you eat. However, it does not cause weight loss at all. Green tea will work along with the HCG in burning your body fats during the VLCD. It helps in digestion and metabolism. However, it is the work of HCG that makes you lose pounds including stubborn fats.

Tea allowed during the HCG diet

  • Organic Chamomile tea- This tea is proven to have a calming effect on your mind and body. This can also boost the immune system and alleviate stress levels.
  • Organic Yerba Mate tea- It has a relaxing effect on your muscle. Thus, assist in appetite control.
  • Oo-long tea- It is known to have antioxidant benefits. It aids in weight loss and fat burning.