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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



The overconsumption of soft drinks or soda is one of the contributing factors to weight gain. Softdrinks consumption has a direct effect on your weight. The negative effects of soft drinks have become a driving force for people to choose diet sodas. However, they do not know that diet soda has the same effect as soft drinks.

Diet sodas are worst than other full sugar-sweetened beverages that counterparts your health. Drinking soda changes the system of your gut which causes weight gain. Furthermore, drinking too much soda can deposit more than 200 calories per day in your fat stores.

The alternative drinks you can have on the HCG diet

  • Plain black coffee- Drinking black coffee can boost your metabolism during the HCG diet. It can also burn fats and extra calories in your stomach. Black coffee stimulates your nervous system and helps the HCG in fat break down. The HCG will convert the burned fats into a source of energy during the VLCD.
  • Green tea- A cup of green tea a day stimulates fat-burning properties and improves your vitality. Green tea has antioxidants that protect your cells from free radicals. It also boosts your metabolism and helps you burn your fats during the HCG diet. Green tea also improves your satiety and brain focus to avoid high stress levels.
  • Water- Drinking water during the HCG diet helps you maintain hydration and proper fat burning. Water brings the burned toxins out of your body. Water can help the HCG burn more calories and suppress your appetite. Drink at least 2 liters of water every day during your VLCD. It helps in carrying nutrients and oxygen all over your body.
  • Whole fruit juice- Drinking fruit juice during the HCG diet helps you deposit vitamins and minerals in your body. It also contains fiber that improves satiety. Whole fruit juice such as orange juice will boost your metabolism during the second phase of the HCG diet

How often can you have tea and coffee during the HCG diet?

You can have coffee and tea at any time of the day. Drinking tea and coffee is best during breakfast because it kicks start your metabolism. However, avoid stuffing yourself because too much of something is not good. Maintain your balance to continue losing weight. The most important thing is to have your HCG shots every day.

To improve the flavor of your drinks you can use stevia as an alternative to sugar. Stevia is a natural sweetener that has the same flavor as sugar. It has zero calories which are good for your VLCD. You can add stevia to your morning tea or coffee.

Can you have stevia every day on your VLCD?

Adding stevia to your drink is something you can do every day. However, if it triggers your cravings you must stop using it. Stevia will help you improve your drinks but it must not be a reason for you to give in to sugar-sweetened beverages.

Can you have an energy drink as an alternative to soda on the HCG diet?

No. You cannot have energy drinks and other weight loss supplements on the HCG diet. Consuming energy drinks can trigger your cravings and may lead to stress eating. It can also ruin how the HCG burns your body fats. Avoid energy drinks because it has the same effect as a diet soda.