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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

Supplements and vitamins you should avoid during the HCG diet

Supplements and vitamins you should avoid during the HCG diet

There are medications that you need to postpone when you start the HCG diet. Most of the vitamins and other medications contain calories. They also have starches, sugar, and oils that do not work with HCG. Inform your doctor before you start the HCG diet.

What are the vitamins you should avoid during the HCG diet?

To improve the mechanism of the HCG, avoid all the pitfalls. The vitamins and supplements that do not work for weight loss are:

  • Bitter orange
  • Carnitine
  • CLA
  • Forskolin
  • Fucoxanthin
  • Garcinia cambogia
  • Weight loss pills
  • Sleeping pills

Most of the supplements containing oils and sugar ruin your progress. Avoid using weight loss boosters when you do the HCG diet. During the HCG diet, you do not need much of them because of the following reasons:

  1. The HCG feeds your body. Avoid worrying about illnesses when you stop taking medications. The HCG supplies proteins, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs. Your body still gets the daily nutritional needs during the HCG diet. When you finish the diet program, you can go back to your medications.
  2. The HCG increases your energy. Vitamin restrictions do not mean you will get weak. The HCG diet permits vitamin C and D as long as it has no oily solutions. The HCG helps to increase your level of vitality during the VLCD.
  3. It improves muscle mass. During the HCG diet, you will not need other supplements to maintain muscle mass. The hormone burns fats and leaves your muscle mass behind. It is straightforward in targeting the hard-to-reach areas in your body. The Weight loss program does not result in saggy skin, unlike other regimens.

Why do you need to minimize vitamins while on the HCG diet?

Cut your intake of vitamins during the HCG diet as it affects weight loss. The oil and sugar that are present in most pills ruin the diet program. Take vitamins and medications when you need to. Inform your doctor about the limits of the HCG diet. Your physician can also adjust the dosage of the HCG or the pills you are taking.

The permissible vitamins during the HCG diet

  • Vitamin C. It helps boost your immune system to fight against viruses and bacteria. You can get vitamin C from fresh fruits and vegetables. One of the known fruit that is rich in vitamin C is orange.
  • Vitamin A and E. It supplies antioxidants to improve your body functions. You can get vitamin A from spinach and kale. You can also include vitamin E from leafy green vegetables.
  • Vitamin D. The known source of vitamin D is the sunlight. You can get most of it when you get up early. Take a walk or jog around your place when the sun rises. It is essential for your bone health and muscle. Vitamin D also helps in building your muscle tissue.

Vitamins play a role in your body. During weight loss, you can get them from your food choices. Refer to the HCG diet food list to get most of the benefits. Allow your medical provider to give you a specific dosage of our vitamins.