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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



There will be no good decision for good health if your environment is not good. You cannot lose weight if you will not change your habits. Losing weight is not always about deprivation. This is more on strategy accompanied by a good weight loss protocol. Deprivation is a wrong concept towards diet. This is because there is no deprivation at all. You only have to control and follow the limitations for faster weight loss.

Losing weight through the HCG is fast through the help of the protocol. It serves as a guide for you to reach your weight loss goal. There are various strategies to aid your weight loss on the HCG diet. However, you have to be careful in implementing them because it might harm your health. Sticking to the diet protocol is the best strategy you can do for your weight loss.

The importance of weight loss

  • Decreased risk of diabetes and lower high blood pressure
  • Improve your healthy cholesterol and lowers heart diseases
  • Improved mobility and fights against stroke
  • Lowers back pain and improves sleep
  • Improved energy, vitality and body image
  • The weight-loss strategies during the HCG diet

Strategy #1 Keep your foods properly

Choose to be a safety at all times especially with your food. You have to handle foods properly as well as your leftovers. You can keep your food choices longer without adding any preservatives. One way of storing foods for weight loss is refrigeration. You can refrigerate meat choices, fish meat, fruits, and vegetables. Storing food choices will keep you from wasting time going to the grocery store. It will also give you something to grab right away if you feel hungry. Store the right food choices that have a matching portion and number of calories to support your weight loss. Choose the foods that help not just in weight loss but also in maintaining your health.

Strategy #2 Create a menu

Choose the food choices that are on your food list. It serves as your reference for the foods that you will serve during weight loss. Create a meal plan that fits in your calorie cut down. This is very important especially during the very low-calorie diet. Make sure to have a menu that will help in meeting all the nutritional requirements of your body. Remember that all the phases of the HCG diet differ in caloric requirements. Track each food intake to avoid the products that will affect your weight loss. You have to avoid foods that have high sugar, carbs, preservatives, salt, and oil. These are known as the major contributor to weight gain or obesity.

Strategy #3 Learn to eat mindfully

Eating mindfully helps in keeping a well-nourished body. This is very important during the HCG diet. Focus and track the foods that you eat. Hunger is common especially in starting the VLCD. That is why you have to be careful in eating especially in responding to hunger. Eat mindfully to help in detecting fullness and even with the ingredients of the foods. Eating mindfully is a simple way of staying on track of your HCG diet. Losing weight is a complicated journey. However, being mindful of eating and with other things can keep help in reaching your weight loss goal.

Strategy #4 Keep a grocery list

One of the important things that you must not forget is the food list. It serves as your reference in purchasing your groceries. The food list will be your guide in choosing foods for your weight loss. Keep a copy of the food list in your purse, cellphone or computer. The food list will keep you reminded to purchase the foods that are only for the HCG diet.

Simple tips to promote weight loss during the HCG diet

  • Load properly on loading days– The loading days are also known as Phase 1 of the HCG diet. You have to focus on loading foods that have high fats. It helps in preparing your fat stores for the VLCD. You are not allowed to skip this phase because it is part of reaching your weight loss goal. The loading days are also known as the “goodbye-food indulgences days”. You are allowed to enjoy as many fatty foods as you want. Eat until you get full but do not eat too much food until you will get sick.
  • Maintain the calorie intake during the VLCD- The cutting down of calories happens during phase 2 of the HCG diet. This is also known as the VLCD. You are required to cut down your caloric intake up to 500 calories per day. The cut down of calories allows you to safely shift to healthy habits. You have to cut down your intake of high-calorie foods that cause weight gain. Stay away from carbs, sugar, preservatives, fatty foods, etc. Load more on foods, fruits and choose lean meat to gain high levels of protein.
  • Maintain the HCG shot- Your weight loss goal is impossible to reach without the HCG. The HCG helps in burning the stubborn fats in the hard to reach areas of your body. The HCG also works in curbing your hunger and in resetting your metabolism. Administer the HCG at the same time each day for greater weight loss. You are not allowed to double the HCG dose if you miss the last shot. You can have the HCG shot every morning as soon as you get up. Record everything on your diet journal to avoid double dosing or missing a dose.
  • Slowly add foods after the VLCD- Introduce food slowly for successful weight loss stabilization. Introduce more food slowly to give your body time to process it. Make sure to have the right food choices that you will eat during this phase. Track down your intake of calories even after the 500 calorie diet. You can have more food choices during the stabilization phase. However, you are still not allowed to eat sugary and fatty foods.