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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



The United States is leading when it comes to large meal sizes. The typical serving in a restaurant is higher than what is permissible. It is the reason why the number of obese population in the US is growing. Controlling the portion sizes helps in weight loss. It also aids during the HCG program to lose weight faster.

Why controlling the serving size is vital?

Food portion is vital because it allows you to control your calorie intake. It helps you get the nutrients that your body needs. Food portion control on the HCG diet changes your eating pattern. It is vital during the HCG diet in preventing food indulgences and binge eating.

The six steps in controlling serving sizes during the HCG diet

  1. Know the allowable servings sizes. Instead of digging into processed snacks, control your servings per meal. Limit your intake from every food group. Look into the nutritional label in the packaging of each food item. Ensure that it does not contain unhealthy ingredients.
  2. Estimate your serving size. If you have trouble deciding how much meal to eat, estimate your serving scopes. Go for the lowest portion as possible during the very low-calorie phase. Serve at least three ounces of meat, medium-sized- fruit, and a small bowl of vegetables.
  3. Use smaller dishes. Reduce your food sizes by doing some simple tricks. Smaller plates trick your brain into thinking you are eating a large amount of food. Smaller bowls are fit for a low-calorie diet. It tricks you as if you are eating a whole plate of food, but it’s not as much as it looks.
  4. Separate your food from your household’s meal. Eating with your family leads you to pick foods that they serve in your front. Ensure that you cook your meal separate from their food. Avoid adding unhealthy ingredients to prevent weight gain. Avoid refilling your plate by controlling your food sizes.
  5. Plan your meals. Instead of panicking at the last minute, prepare your meals ahead. Split the 500 calorie meal into five equal sizes. It will give you something to eat when you are hungry. Avoid salad dressings, creams, butter, sugar, and oil.
  6. Get the correct measure. Use the food scale in weighing your foods before cooking. Use measuring cups, spoons, and other utensils to get the right size of your meal. It will help you ensure the amount of food you eat on VLCD. Get the correct portion that is permissible during the HCG diet.

Avoid picking for another serving when you finish your food. You cannot get for another round because it adds the number of calories you are loading. Stop eating when you no longer feel hungry or before getting full. Give your stomach time to catch up on everything that you eat.

Drinking an adequate amount of water will control your serving sizes. It boosts your satiety. Water releases chemicals and toxins from your body that triggers hunger. It aids the HCG in cleansing and burning excess calories from the foods you eat.