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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Shopping on the HCG diet has a few strategies. You can incorporate your strategies to guarantee that your diet will go well. The shopping strategies will also help you save money during your HCG diet. HCG diet requires you to prepare all your meal at home. You do not have to go to fast-food chains or restaurants to purchase your diet foods. This is because the foods outside might cause you to gain weight. You have to be careful about shopping and purchasing foods especially if you are doing your VLCD.

What are the shopping tips during your HCG diet?

Review your diet protocol

Do not do shopping if you are not familiar with your diet protocol. The protocol will help you determine the foods that are allowed during your diet. Understand and familiarize the foods that are allowed so that you will stay on your weight-loss track. Know exactly what you are going to do before starting your HCG diet. This will help you avoid failures and weight gain because of improper loading.

Purchase your weekly foods all at once

Buy all the things needed for the HCG diet. Avoid going back to the grocery store because you might purchase foods that may stop your weight loss. Purchase the foods all at once to save time and energy and you can focus on your weight loss. Estimate on how much food you need for the entire week of your diet.

Purchase HCG allowed foods separate from your household grocery

Have your own list and cart of grocery items during shopping. This will help you in choosing what is good for your diet and what is not allowed. Always remember the items that are meant for your weight loss. Do not buy packed or processed foods because it will stop your weight loss. You are also not allowed to have dried fruits or canned vegetables. This is because these are already loaded with preservatives, sugar and other industrial ingredients.

Choose the raw, whole and organic food items

One goal of your HCG diet is to give your body a break from loading food chemicals. That is why you have to purchase foods such as freshly picked vegetables, fruits, meat, and other organic products. This will keep you out from purchasing meats and other products that undergo the process. Check food labels to keep out sugar and other ingredients. Make sure to know the expiry date of each food item that you have purchased.