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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



6 Things you MUST do

  • Drink 2 Liters of liquid a day- Stay hydrated. Drinking water is a good way to flush out toxins. This will help clean the bloodstream as the body is doing the metabolism.
  • Weight the Protein– It is important to weigh the raw meat. Weigh it before cooking. Provide a food scale to weigh each food portion. Do this throughout the duration of the diet.
  • Take the fats off- Remove all the visible fats of the meat and food choices. This is done before cooking the food. If it is already cooked, have less than 100 grams.
  • Keep a list of the HCG foods- The lists of the food are available in the kitchen. Keep a list in your wallet or purse. Read it before each meal. Make sure that you do not eat anything that is not allowed. Do not rely on your memory, you may get it wrong.
  • Set a schedule for HCG shots- To help you avoid missed doses. Take the injection at the same time each day. Spread out each dose for the day. Set a reminder and checklist on your phone of the doses.
  • Skip HCG on menstruation- Skip using the hormones in periods. However, do not skip the diet. Continue doing the VLCD even in the absence of the HCG hormones. Skipping is usually done during a heavy menstrual flow.

The DON’Ts

  • Do not worry if you get hungry- Hunger is normal at the start of the diet. This is because you are cutting out the calories and etc. Hunger will stop if you get the right dose of the HCG hormones.
  • Do not use cosmetics that have oil- Any lotions or other beauty care products that contain oil is not allowed. The only allowed cosmetics are oil-free products. Oil can get in the body and may delay the protocol. This may slow down weight loss.
  • Do not forget the record- Always have a record of your weight loss. Every diet progress must be recorded. Take note of everything. This will help in case if the weight loss slows down.

The “I-Can-Do-That”

  • Can break up meals- You can do it as much as you want. You may do it long as you stick to the VLCD. You can split out your meals in equal portions.
  • Can eliminate- Anything that you don’t crave can be eliminated. There may be times that you eat less than 500 calories a day. You can also replace it as long as the food is allowed. Make sure that you are still on a very low-calorie diet.
  • Can do an apple a day- If the weight loss stalls, you can have an apple a day. This is 6 apples a day and less water intake. You can do this in few days only.