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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Processed foods are food items that contain chemicals. Adding chemicals to the foods will help in preservation and flavoring. Most the processed foods can harm your health as well as your weight. Processed foods may taste delicious than the organic foods but it is loaded with various chemicals.

Processed foods are not allowed on the HCG diet

These food choices are not allowed during your HCG diet because they can ruin your weight loss. The chemicals in your food will delay the work of HCG on weight loss. This is not allowed during your HCG diet because it can make you eat too much which will eventually add to your weight. The chemicals in your processed foods may contain fats, sodium, and other food preservatives.

How to avoid purchasing processed foods on the HCG diet?

Stay away from sugar, sodium, MSG, food flavorings, etc. Check food labels especially if you are doing the VLCD of your HCG diet. Checking your food labels can help you in tracking your food. It will also help you in maintaining a smooth weight loss on the HCG diet. Be wise in your choices if you are doing your grocery shopping. You have to bring your HCG diet food list as your reference for your food items.

How to avoid loading processed foods during your HCG diet?

  • Cook your meals at home– HCG does not allow you to eat in food chains and restaurants. This is because there are no HCG-friendly items in their recipes. You have to create your meal at home based on your HCG diet food list. Cooking food at home will prevent you from having too much portion. It will also allow you to practice good eating habits and will help you stay on your HCG diet track.
  • Choose organic food options- Organic products or freshly picked products can help you avoid food chemicals. It will give your body a break from having food chemicals. Organic food products are also more nutritious than the usual food products you enjoy. Choosing organic food products will help you in getting through to phase 2 of your HCG diet.
  • Be smart on your choices-Your weight loss depends on how you work well on your HCG diet. The outcome depends on your choices during your weight loss. You have to be smart in choosing the foods you want to eat during your HCG diet. Be careful in loading calories especially if you are doing the VLCD.