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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet


This round is for those who have not reached the goals in the first attempt at the HCG diet. There is nothing to worry about because you can try for the second time safely. HCG has no side effects because it is a natural hormone. You can try as many times as you can. Make sure to have 6 weeks’ rest before you will start each attempt. The benefit of the second round is for you to be familiar with the requirements. Your body is also prepared for the second time around. This time your metabolism is responsive to HCG. 6 weeks includes 3 weeks of phase 3. After phase 3, you still wait for another 3 weeks.  The purpose of waiting time is to make sure that you are not immune to HCG.

Eat Healthy During the Break

Continue to eat healthy before you begin the second round of the diet. You have to remove artificial sweeteners. Avoid simple sugars, starches, and grains. Going back to a low-calorie diet is difficult. Your body must be used to vegetables and fruits. Make sure to eat several servings of vegetables and fruits every day. Do not go back to your bad eating habits. The more you watch what you eat the better benefit you can get.

Exercise regularly and meet with a Medical Doctor

Before you will start the second round of diet, you need to meet a doctor. This is for you to get a go signal to go on diet again.  This is usually a less detailed checkup. Make sure to have enough body fat to lose in the second round. Medical issues and concerns must be discussed with the doctor. Regular exercise is needed during the 6 weeks resting time. Your body will benefit from regular exercise. Exercise removes the impact of unhealthy foods on your body. Serious exercise is not needed as long as it is constant. Eat at least 3 to 5 meals a day. Make sure that your digestion is working while waiting for the second round. 

Follow the Protocol and Make sure you go Through Loading Phase

Go through the loading phase again. This is done on the first three days of the diet. Do not neglect to do this. Make sure that you follow the protocol. The loading phase includes eating natural high-fat foods. You can eat as many as you can.  The purpose of this is to raise the fat reserves for the HCG diet. Spend time reviewing the diet protocol. Make sure that you review the food list. Always remind yourself about the food that is allowed. This is beneficial in starting the second round of the HCG diet.