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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Some things will stop you from losing weight. These are known as weight loss barriers. Weight loss barriers are often to be your unhealthy habits that are not yet stopped. Weight loss barriers can also be your health conditions. Healthy conditions will physically limit you from losing weight.

What are the weight loss barriers you must be aware of on the HCG diet?

#1 – The physical barrier

This includes discomfort, health issues, and fatigue. You have to find ways to get through such conditions before starting your diet. However, physical barriers are the least type of barrier to weight loss. You just have to study the diet protocol and seek advice from your doctors. Your doctor will give you a go signal to do your diet. But, you are not allowed to do the HCG diet if you have life-threatening diseases.

#2- The Environmental Barrier

Some of the reasons why you are not losing weight are because of the influence in your environment. This is maybe because you cannot do your exercise routine or no sources of healthy food choices. Environmental responsibilities can also be because of your responsibilities. Overcome this kind of barrier by seeking support from the people that are around you. Be flexible on your responsibilities to your family, environment and your welfare.

#3- The Emotional Barrier

This is a tricky and misleading weight loss struggle. You have to be aware that your emotional state has the biggest contribution to your weight. This is because being emotionally unstable can cause natural weight gain. This is a product of stress and emotional eating. Thus, causes you to gain the weight right away. Emotional eating is the response of your body towards stress. It is finding comfort from the foods that you eat.

How to overcome these weight loss barriers during the HCG diet?

  • Motivate yourself fully

Your motivation is a good help to overcome your weight loss barriers. Remind yourself of your goal to get motivated. This is a good reminder whenever you feel like quitting. You have to stay away from the things that will sabotage your weight loss process. The most important thing that you can do is to follow the diet protocol.

  • Set a realistic weight loss goal

A realistic weight loss goal helps you achieve your weight-loss expectations. You have to set a realistic weight loss goal in doing the HCG diet. It curbs all the weight loss barriers such as in your emotions. Setting a realistic goal is done during or after a medical check-up. Your doctor will give you a go signal to do the diet as well as help you set your weight loss goal.

  • Surround yourself with healthy food choices

One way of overcoming your weight loss barrier is to change your food choices. This means that you must stay in a place where there are sources of healthy food choices. This will help you overcome the one cause or factor of environmental barriers. Purchase the foods that enumerated in the HCG diet food list. Do not purchase foods that are not in the diet food list.