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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

Modifications of the Orginal Script of the HCG Diet

Modifications of the Orginal Script of the HCG Diet

The HCG protocol that deviates from the original script of Dr. Simeons is known as modifications. These are popular today and, dieters that have intimidation with 500 calories follow them. Dr. Simeons establishes the original protocol over five decades ago. Until now, the safety and effectiveness of the HCG diet program are typical to everyone.

Are the Modifications of the HCG Diet Effective?

The modifications to the diet can result in weight loss but, there are changes to its efficacy. When you follow the modern protocol, you can still lose weight but, it is longer than the original script. It is because the new protocol increases the allowable allocation of calories per day.

The modern protocol of the HCG diet works for everyone. Dieters that find the 500 calorie protocol intimidating can follow the recent procedure. Take note that Dr. Simeons’ strategy works faster than any modifications today.

Protocol Selection on the HCG Diet

Both protocols can help you reach your goals but, the modern way takes longer. If you want rapid weight loss, come to think of the following criteria to help you lose weight:

  • Follow the original script when you have already started it. Avoid changing to the modern approach to prevent fluctuations.
  • If you have persistent hunger, you can try the modern approach to continue losing weight.
  • A small weight loss goals are permissible to follow the modern approach.
  • Consider your limitations as going beyond limits cannot help you lose weight.
  • Follow the modern protocol if you have existing diseases that do not recommend extreme calorie cut down.
  • The modern protocol has lower plateaus or weight-loss stall issues than the new approach.

Warning on Modifications of the HCG Protocol

Any changes to your diet that is not in the protocol can reduce the mechanism of the HCG. Changing the food list and calorie limits run the risk of affecting the progress. You will not lose as much weight as you expect when you fail to follow the protocol. Avoid slipping from your diet track to prevent weight gain. Both modern and original approach does not permit sugar, fats, and processed foods.

Some Changes on the Modern Approach of the HCG Diet

The alteration made involves changing the number of calories you can eat per day. There are also additional food choices on the list that are not permissible on the original script. You can also include more exercise and workout activities as long as it will not cause a calorie deficit. The duration of Phase 2 also is longer than the 2 to 3 weeks process on Dr. Simeons’ protocol. The diet remains effective in burning fats than other weight loss regimens.

Who are Allowable to Follow the Modern Approach?

Anyone can follow the modern approach of the HCG diet as long as you set realistic goals. Before anything else, you need to visit your doctor for a medical assessment. Inform your doctor about the guidelines of the modern approach. You can go back to the original protocol if the new protocol is not working for you.