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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



The HCG can act fast in dealing with your body fats. It burns a large number of fats in a short period. You can lose weight if you maintain the hormone every day. There are also cases that you can experience a weight-loss stall. It can happen when you fail to follow the protocol or there is an occurrence of water retention.

A weight-loss stall is when you see zero progress on your weight for 3 days. It also happens when your weight loss is slower than normal. A weight-loss stall can happen during the HCG diet. If your weight loss stops on the HCG diet, don’t panic. It’s because if you will follow the protocol you can surpass the stall and continue your weight loss. You can still do some weight loss stall breakers such as steak day.

Mini-steak day on Phase 2 of the HCG diet

The “steak day” is a term on the HCG diet that means eating steak all day. This is one of the stall or plateau breakers during the VLCD. The steak day is from the idea of Dr. Simeons. The steak day during the second phase of the HCG diet is different from Phase 3. The second phase of the HCG diet has a revised version known as the “mini-steak day”.

When should you do a mini-steak day during the VLCD?

The mini- steak is only allowed when your weight loss slows down. This is a process of eating nothing during breakfast and lunch. You can have a small size of steak in the evening along with an apple or tomato. Take note that a mini-steak day is not advisable to do every day. When you see that your weight is stalling or you reach a plateau take action right away. Do not prolong a plateau because it might result in weight gain.

How to do a mini-steak day?

The mini-steak day on Phase 2 has almost the same steak as the original steak day. You can drink more tea or coffee all day. Avoid solid foods for breakfast and lunch. Wait until dinner and serve 100 grams of lean steak or beef sirloin. Along with this is a medium-sized apple or tomato. Take note that you can only choose either tomato or apple because you cannot eat them both. You can go back to the normal routine on VLCD on the next day.

Can you do the mini-steak day for more than 2 days during the VLCD?

No. The mini-steak day is only set for a short time to help you bounce back to the dirt track. Check what you are eating if you need more than a day of mini-steak day. You have to determine the reason why your weight keeps stalling or reaching a plateau. You can only do a steak day for example if your weight is more than 2lbs than you last weigh-in. You need more protein if your weight does not go back to normal after a mini-steak day. You need to build up your nutritional stores in your body to avoid weight loss struggles.