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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

Losing Ten Percent of Your Overall Weight through the HCG Diet

Losing Ten Percent of Your Overall Weight through the HCG Diet

Starting a weight loss program is challenging when you are a person of habits. The HCG diet program will inspire you to stick to the weight loss program and follow the simple eating plan. There is also a reachable goal that you need to maintain to see promising results every day. Before starting the HCG diet, ensure that you are ready to lose 10% of your overall weight.

Losing 10% of your weight has several benefits to your overall health. The HCG diet will maintain your motivational drive. It is a straightforward protocol and does not take most of your energy and time to lose weight.

Why Choose the HCG Diet?

The HCG diet can help you lose weight and curb the adverse effects of obesity. Being obese puts you at risk of diabetes, heart disease, gallstones, breathing problems, stroke, and hypertension. Losing 10% of your weight can reduce your risk and improve your overall health. It also lowers your cholesterol and stabilizes your blood pressure levels.

Obesity also causes depression, anxiety, and mood changes. Nonetheless, the HCG can work fast in reaching your weight loss goal. It will help you gain control over your unhealthy habits and other causes of weight gain. The HCG produces appetite suppressing effects and increases your energy levels. Weight loss through the HCG diet can also boost your self-confidence.

How to do the HCG Diet?

Dr. Simeons’ protocol gives a detailed guide to successful weight loss. During the HCG diet, stick to permissible meals and maintain your HCG injections every day. You can also use mixing kits and refer to the diet food list for several food options. Administer your HCG injections every morning as soon as you wake up. Maintain a low-calorie intake throughout the day to maximize your weight loss.

Loading Tips on the HCG Diet

To lose 10% of your weight, stick to the HCG diet protocol every day. You can have coffee or tea for breakfast but, avoid sugar-sweetened items. For your lunch and dinner, ensure that you are managing your portion sizes. Eat at least 200 grams of lean protein every day. It will help you maintain satiety and curb hunger pangs. You also need to eat fruits and vegetables every day to gain essential nutrients and vitamins that your body needs to lose weight.

Remove the visible fats of the meat and avoid using oil when you cook. Stick to steaming, grilling, and boiling methods to avoid adding calories. You can also use stevia as a substitute for sugar and other unhealthy sweeteners. Likewise, eating fruits also prevents your sugar cravings as they mimic the flavor of table sugar.

If you need to lose more than 10% of your overall weight, try the HCG diet now. It will help you reach your weight loss goal in the comfort of your home as it does not require any gym exercise. You will see promising results every day when you stick to the protocol and avoid food temptations.