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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

Longer Breaks on the HCG Diet

Longer Breaks on the HCG Diet

When you try to lose a hundred pounds, there is a possibility that it may take to forever but, you cannot rush things. When you hurry things, you will end up in a similar cycle of gaining and losing several times. The HCG diet is a fast way to lose weight but, it does not rush things up.

People consider the faster way of losing weight due to health conditions and upcoming events. You cannot lose weight in a snap of your finger when you follow the HCG diet. It takes commitment and a proper process to reach your weight loss goal. Instead of hurrying your pace, the HCG diet recommends taking a break period.

What is a Break Period on the HCG Diet?

Interruption is a process on the HCG diet that gives you a grace period of stopping the protocol for emergency purposes. HCG diet patients use the interruption period to give way to their travel, surgeries, and other health concerns. Its purpose is to allow you to have a break without sabotaging your weight loss.

Is It Permissible to Have Longer Breaks on the HCG Diet?

Yes, longer breaks are permissible and, it is beneficial if you have an enormous weight to lose. You can take an interruption of six weeks between rounds one and two and additional two weeks on the later phase. During the break period, ensure that you continue to follow a healthy lifestyle. Avoid unhealthy foods to prevent gaining back the weight you lose.

What Are the Benefits of a Planned Interruption on the HCG Diet?

  1. It gives you time to rest. Take time to rest and recover your balance during the break period. The rapid weight loss during the HCG diet causes your body to release hormones. Most of them can cause fatigue. Taking a break can give you time for relaxation and boost your brain functions.
  2. Interruptions allow you to increase your exercise. During the VLCD, you cannot incorporate strenuous activities because it affects your weight loss. Nonetheless, taking a break makes you perform a longer exercise routine. It helps in building up muscle and boosting your bone strength. Working out helps in staving off excess fats and calories through sweating.
  3. You have time to attend parties and events. Longer breaks on the HCG diet help you avoid cheating on events and celebrations. It is because you are not on the 500 calorie restrictions. You can eat 800 to 1200 calories without the chances of stopping your round. Ensure that you plan your break well to prevent weight loss issues when you get back on the HCG diet.
  4. You can develop new habits during the break period. Longer breaks give you time to plan for your next step. During the interruption, you can change your lifestyle to help you lose weight on the HCG diet. Make healthier corrections on the causes of pitfalls during the weight loss phase. When you get back to the diet program, it will be easier for you to go through the VLCD.