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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



As you add new choices to the diet, you must keep a food record with you. Note all the body’s reactions towards the new foods that you have loaded. This can help you avoid foods that are not good for your health. Stay away from regaining weight or the retention of fluid. Eat the exact amount that is recommended in Phase 3. Avoid getting hungry or bloated.

The Maintenance Period

Phase 3 begins 72 hours after the last HCG injection. It usually lasts for the duration of 3 weeks. In this phase, you still have to avoid sugar and carbs. They are still dangerous to the body. You will be liable for the fats and sugar in the body. Disappointments will surely occur if you fail to follow the rules in the maintenance phase.

The goal of this phase is to maintain weight loss. Therefore gaining or losing more weight is not allowed. Do something when you gain and eat if you continue to lose weight. This is needed because the brain is already resetting. Any weight loss or gain during this Phase is not expected. Weigh yourself every day to track the weight.

Important tips for Phase 3

  • Keep a food journal
  • Be careful in loading up sweet fruits
  • Eat a maximum of one serving of nuts, cheese, milk, and yogurt each day
  • Eliminate the starches like starchy veggies and fruits
  • No refined goods allowed
  • Load more on organic foods

Observe these tips to avoid any weight gain. If you gained in Phase 3 you can do “steak day” as a remedy.

What is “Steak Day”?

This method is designed by the HCG founder himself. This is a way to correct weight in the diet. A steak day is intended to drop some weight if you have gained. This is done by eating nothing until lunch. Water is the only allowed thing to be loaded into the diet. You can eat tuna or celery after lunch. A steak day is done in the evening. Have a large portion of steak in the evening. Make sure to remove all the visible fats before cooking the protein. Another substitute meat for a steak day is fish and chicken. These are also proven and used for a successful steak day.

Check all the beverages and foods that you have been eating. This is one way of analyzing weight gain. The protein intake of this Phase must be higher than normal. Find a good balance by adjusting the protein intake. You can also eliminate fruits for a week until the weight stabilizes. Added time on light exercise is also allowed. However, the exercise must not be a cause of starvation or tiredness.