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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

Just Ate But Still Hungry on the HCG Diet? Here are the Reasons Why

Just Ate But Still Hungry on the HCG Diet? Here are the Reasons Why

Do you always experience hunger on the HCG diet? Hunger is not something to worry about on the first few days of starting the VLCD. It because your body is adjusting to low-calorie intake. Nonetheless, when starvation persists for a week or two, you have to assess your diet.

Avoid overeating when you feel hungry during the HCG diet.  When you eat lots of food, it leads to weight gain. It also links to questions about how to eat less and prevent starvation. Your lifestyle also is one of the causes of persistent hunger. Change your routine during the HCG diet to boost your progress.

Reasons Why You Are Still Hungry After Eating

  1. Lack of sleep. With everything that is happening today, it is typical for people not to get enough rest. High stress levels, anxiety, and overthinking can lead to insomnia. Lack of sleep during the HCG diet causes occurrences of cravings. It increases your appetite and causes you to eat an excessive amount of calories. Incorporate some relaxation techniques to avoid insomnia.
  2. Stress. It increases the production of cortisol in the body. Stress triggers the production and deposition of fats. A high stress level also stimulates your appetite and results to overeat. Most of the stressful events lead to finding comfort in eating specific foods. Increase your time of sleep during the HCG diet to manage your stress levels.
  3. Your unhealthy diet can cause hunger. The modern choices of food provide several options that do not contain nutritional values. It leads to an unhealthy diet and rapid weight gain. Be careful with your choices because not all delicious foods are healthy. Avoid eating lots of food when you are not aware of the ingredients. An unhealthy diet is a factor of weight gain and occurrences of hunger.
  4. You are eating carbs. The HCG diet does not permit carbs but, you can eat Melba Toast and Grissini as a snack option. Carbs are the causes of persistent hunger. It stimulates the reward center of your brain and boosts your appetite for unhealthy foods. Carbs can increase your satiety and soon feel starving again. Opt for protein and fiber-rich foods to avoid hunger.

Thirst and Hunger are Different

Pay attention to your body signals because thirst and hunger have similar effects. When starving, avoid eating foods right away. Drink a glass of water or two and wat for several minutes. Thirst can mislead you to feel starvation. When you wait for several minutes, you can determine what kind of starvation you have. Drink lots of water before eating to prevent overeating.

What can you do on Physical Hunger?

Eat healthy foods or whole fruit to boosts your satiety. Starvation is a signal of your body that you are running out of nutrients. Load on a bowl of vegetables or fruit during the HCG diet. You can also eat the permissible carbs on the 500 calories meal. Ensure that you are drinking lots of water after eating.