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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Stick to the diet protocol to get the best result of your diet. The protocol will help you stay deal in case of food cheating. Things do not go well as is planned. There are times that you will gain weight without knowing any reason. You can always get back to your weight-loss track when there is a protocol to follow. Always get familiar with the protocol of the HCG diet. The HCG provides you with all of the energy that you need. It lowers your high cholesterol levels. The HCG will reduce your hunger levels. It will make you reach your goals as easily as possible.

The HCG is a simple and straightforward weight loss aid to stop obesity. It allows you to lose weight without undergoing any weight loss surgery. The rapid weight loss takes place as soon as the HCG is in your system. It will start to reset your metabolism and targets your stubborn fats. The HCG diet has 4 phases which are a step for the completion of the entire weight loss process. It helps you in controlling hunger pain, metabolic rate, curbing cravings, and faster fat burning.

Why choose the HCG diet as a weight loss aid?

The regular use of the HCG will show a great result. It works right away for your weight loss goal. The HCG acts very fast on the stubborn fats in various parts of your body. HCG diet promotes a “nutrient-rich” process. Your body can be revived faster because of the nutrients you can get from the foods. You can also maintain the health of your muscles and bones.

The HCG only targets your fats without touching a single mass of your muscles. You can indulge in organic and natural products during the HCG diet. Natural and organic products help cleanse your body. It renews your body and gives you a break from unhealthy food ingredients.

Phases of the HCG diet that improves weight loss

  • Phase 1 or the loading phase– This allows you to eat as many fatty foods as you can. It prepares your fat stores for the VLCD.
  • Phase 2 or the VLCD- This is where the 500 calorie intake took place. Cut all the fat, sugar and carb intake during this phase. Your meal choices are more about organic products.
  • Phase 3 or stabilization phase- This happens after phase 2. Add more food choices during this phase. However, make sure that you will not gain a single weight. No fats and carbs during this phase.
  • Phase 4 or maintenance phase- The last and final phase of the HCG diet. It allows you to introduce back real foods. However, you are not allowed to go back to your eating style again.

Tips to help improve your weight loss on the HCG diet

  • Stick to the protocol

One way to ensure that you can reach your weight loss goal is to stick with the diet protocol. You have to stick closely to the protocol. Make sure that you will not go beyond the 500 calorie intake during the VLCD. You must always see the food list for your food options in each phase of the diet.

  • Eat at the right foods at the right time

Schedule your meals at a particular time when you will eat. Cook and prepare your meal ahead of time so that you will not cram at the last minute. Preparing meals can also avoid prolonged hunger. Do not eat large meals before bedtime because it affects metabolism.

  • Keep a journal

A journal is important to help you determine what foods might be contributing to a plateau if you experience one. It will also serve as a helper in tracking your food intake. You can list on your journal the daily weigh-in and the foods that you eat.

  • Sleep more

Sleeping revitalizes your metabolic rate. Complete sleep can help in burning fats in your body. It lowers the stress levels that can cause weight gain. Sleep also normalizes hormones that control appetite and energy production. Lack of sleep can trigger cravings which lead to unhealthy eating.

  • Stay hydrated

Water will aid in carrying nutrients and distributes it in the parts of your body. Water cleanses your body and maintains the proper flow of blood. It also helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels and maintains healthy blood pressure. You can also drink tea and coffee. It allows fat release from your fat tissues. It also helps in setting the metabolism for faster weight loss on your HCG diet.

  • Add a light exercise routine

You can do more time for exercise after your VLCD. This is a good habit that will help you burn extra calories. You can do yoga, walking, swimming, dancing or a short time jog. Light exercise maintains bone and muscle growth. Do not do hard exercises because it can cause fatigue. It consumes too much energy which is not allowed on the very low-calorie diet.

Some of the Light activities improve weight loss on the HCG diet

  • Running or jogging- This does not mean that you have to run for miles. This is more beneficial than walking. You can do this in 10 to 15 minutes as soon as you are done with your breakfast coffee. Running or jogging can help you burn 100 calories in each session.
  • Swimming- It can keep your heart rate at its normal level. Swimming develops strength and fitness to your cardiovascular organs. Swimming can also tone your muscle and it can also build up more strength. This can help you regulate your blood pressure and sugar levels.
  • Dancing- This is a fun activity that can help you shed calories. It can also cause sweating and it is beneficial as running. Dancing can improve your body’s elasticity and strength. It can help you release tension and dull moments.
  • Cleaning- Cleaning will help you move constantly. This can awaken your metabolism. It can also give you a fun time and release your stress. Do not prolong your stress and do light activities such as cleaning.