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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Weight gain will still happen even when you are midway through the HCG diet. This happens for various natural reasons. You can easily gain weight in a single day but you cannot lose weight as fast as how you gain it. The natural cause of weight gain is water retention. This will happen during the menstruation period. However, it will just be gone right away as soon as your period stops. Reversing the weight gain includes shifting into a new lifestyle and habits for faster weight loss.

Determine the cause of weight gain

The major causes why you gain weight are dehydration, overeating, and the menstrual cycle. There are also cases of water retention, stress, lack of sleep, or sudden slowing down of metabolic rate. To reverse the weight gain you can start to eat healthy foods. You also need to maintain the HCG shot at the same time each day. Determine the cause of weight gain so that you know what and where to stop.

Follow the HCG diet protocol

The HCG diet protocol will set as your guide to reach your weight loss goal. HCG diet protocol plays a big role in succeeding in your HCG diet. It will guide you on the things that are allowed and not during the HCG diet. The diet protocol also includes the food list which serves as your reference for the food choices. The protocol will also be your guide to successfully follow each step and phase of the HCG diet.

Simple tips that help in reversing the weight gain on the HCG diet

  • Go back to your diet track- you have to do this especially when you have gone through food cheating. Do not prolong the effect of food cheating to be able to prevent further complications. You can do the apple or steak day in case you gain weight. These are the main step that can help you get back to your weight-loss track.
  • Get rid of the liquid calories- liquid calories come from liquid drinks that undergo the process. These are not allowed especially on the VLCD of the HCG diet. Stop drinking anything that has liquid calories such as fruit drinks, soda, and alcoholic beverages. Drink more water or unsweetened tea and coffee. This can help you in taking off excess calories in your body.
  • Do a light exercise- You can have an exercise on your daily routine. It helps you shed extra pounds however too much of it will cause weight gain. Too much exercise causes stress and eventually leads to natural weight gain. Choose light exercises such as walking and yoga. You can do light exercises for at least10 15 minutes. This can help in boosting metabolism.
  • Stay Hydrated- Water cleanses your body and carries nutrients in various parts of your body. This also maintains the proper flow of blood. It also helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels and maintains healthy blood pressure.
  • Drink water- This is a way of lowering your intake of foods. Water can help in controlling your appetite and it keeps you stay full. It can also help in dealing with water retention that causes you to gain weight. Drink an adequate amount of water to avoid snacking too much.
  • Control your food portion- Measure and weigh your food before cooking. In this way, you can easily counter your weight gain. Make sure that you are consuming the exact amount of calories per day during your HCG diet. Portion control also helps you stay away from carbs, sugar, and unhealthy food choices.
  • Avoid late-night snacking- Eat less at night because it is not meant for mealtime. The foods you will be eating at night will not be digested right away. Late-night snacking can trigger your blood sugar level to rise. This will eventually cause a rise in weight-related diseases.
  • Do not eat foods that have carbs- The more carbs you eat the more water and sugar your body stores. Carbohydrates are not allowed during the HCG diet because they can cause weight gain. Carbs have also high-calorie content which is dangerous during the VLCD.
  • Keep a record of your meal- Track your meal as well as your food choices. This will help you shed pounds and avoid food ingredients. Have a diet journal for you to keep a record of your daily weigh-in and food intake.
  • Eat more fiber and protein– Fiber is found mostly in fruits and veggies. It can help in digestion and proper metabolism. Fiber and protein can boost weight loss. Protein is essential in building lean muscle and preventing muscle loss. The best source of protein comes from lean meat.

Implementing the steak day to curb the weight gain on the HCG diet

Steak day is a step in correcting weight gain or a weight loss delay. It is done to safely and healthily bounce back to your diet track. It corrects your metabolic rate and promotes balancing of calories. You are only allowed to eat a large piece of lean meat steak during your dinner. Steak day is done for 2 days and wait until you get back on your last weigh-in.

The benefits of steak day during your HCG diet

  • Steaks are rich in nutrients especially proteins. It produces antibodies fto ight against diseases and guards your body against infection. This is slowly digested in your body which keeps you from having hunger pains for the entire day. It keeps your stomach full and increases the fat burning during the HCG diet.
  • It is rich in iron, zinc and other nutrients. It will help in transporting oxygen in various parts of your body. It washes your body from the effect of dangerous food chemicals. These chemicals are the common thing you get from common unhealthy foods. These nutrients also build and repair the tissues.
  • It is also rich in vitamins. These vitamins can help in strengthening your bones and your central nervous system. The high level of protein can also maintain the health of your skin during fat burning.