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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

How to Portion Your Daily Calories on the HCG Diet?

How to Portion Your Daily Calories on the HCG Diet?

The second phase of the HCG diet starts on the third day of taking your HCG injections. It is the process when you begin to cut down your calorie intake to 500 per day. It may seem impossible but, it is worth it in the end. Manage your calorie intake to come up with promising results every day.

Portion your calorie intake and manage your meal to reach a maximum weight loss on the HCG diet. Why is it essential to portion your food intake? It helps in controlling the calories and ingredients you eat during the HCG diet. It prevents you from reaching a stall or gaining weight during the VLCD.

Here is a Meal Plan Guide on your HCG diet Phase 2


  • Coffee or Tea (no sugar)


  • 100 grams of protein
  • One serving of vegetable
  • One serving of fruit
  • One Melba toast


  • Similar portion as what you have for lunch.
  • Avoid eating late-night snacks after your dinner to prevent weight gain.

How to Portion your Daily Calories on the HCG Diet?

  1. Split your 500 calorie meal and come up with five servings out of the 500 calorie allocation. Ensure you get a portion of each meal from the allowable food groups.
  2. Weigh the food choices. Get a weighing scale and ensure you weigh your foods before cooking. For protein choice, you can eat at least 200 grams every day. Get a medium-sized fruit and a bowl of vegetables as well.
  3. Use a small dinnerware. It will help you trick your brain into eating a lot. Fill your plate with the approved meals on the HCG diet and avoid going back for another round. Use your dining ware as a portion guide.
  4. Start your meal with a glass of water. Hydration plays a role in the HCG diet. It increases your satiety and manages your calorie intake. Water can also suppress your appetite and sends satiety signals in your brain to prevent you from eating lots of food.
  5. Avoid excessive amounts of additives. Food ingredients and condiments increase the appeal of the food. When you add too much, it stimulates your appetite to keep wanting more. As a result, you will go beyond the 500 calorie limitations on your HCG diet.
  6. Avoid eating outside. The recipe in restaurants and diners are not HCG diet-friendly. Stick to home-cooked meals on your Phase 2 to prevent interfering with your weight loss progress. Avoid passing in drive-thrus every morning to control your calorie intake.

Tips in Preparing your meal During the Second Phase of the HCG diet

  • Avoid serving fatty meats or dipping them in condiments and sauce to prevent weight gain.
  • Avoid combining all kinds of vegetables in one serving to prevent overloading calories. Serve one vegetable at a time and do not sauté them in oil.
  • Avoid eating dried fruits as they contain a higher amount of sugar than the typical product in the market.
  • Stay away from processed beverages to prevent stimulating your appetite for unhealthy food choices.