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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Proper mixing of the HCG is as important as having the right dose. As much as possible you have to understand the concept and importance of the HCG. Proper mixing of the HCG will help you reach your weight loss goal. Buy the right HCG for weight loss. Make sure that the solution is not discolored or contaminated.

How to mix the HCG for weight loss?

  • Set the vials with bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride
  • The vials must be sterile and pull the covering cap
  • Clean the area of your body where you will insert the injection
  • You also have to disinfect the needles and vials
  • Make sure that there are no contaminations in the mixture
  • Swab the tops of the entire bottle with alcohol
  • Pull out 5ml of the solution and insert to the bottle of HCG powder
  • Swirl gently until the HCG powder will dissolve

Things you need for mixing 1 vial of 5,000IU HCG

  • The 5000ius of HCG powder, the color of the powder must be white
  • Mixing syringe and bacteriostatic water
  • Glass vial of a clear mixing liquid you can also have the pink one
  • Alcohol swabs

Can you have a double dose of HCG per day?

Avoid double dosing the HCG because you might end up stalling on your weight. Although too much dose is not harmful to your body you will not lose weight. Make sure to get the right dose of your HCG to curb hunger and suppress appetite. When there is too much HCG in your system your body will get familiar with the hormone. When the body gets familiar with the hormone it will not respond properly to the HCG.

What dose of HCG should you take daily?

The dose of the HCG per day depends on your weight loss goal. You can have 125ius to 150ius for HCG injection. There are cases that you will change the dose from round to round especially when you are approaching your goal. The most important thing is to avoid missing a shot. You can also use the HCG drops and pellets but it takes longer for you to reach your goal. The right dose of HCG allows you to lose weight up to 5lbs per week.

How to administer the HCG injection?

Insert the HCG injection in the subcutaneous layer of your skin. It is where the fats are located. The subcutaneous way of administering the hormone is painless than having it through the muscle. Locate the fatty area of your body and wipe with alcohol. Insert the HCG injection at a proper angle and release the hormone. Clean the injection and dispose of it in the proper place.

When using the HCG injection you have to observe the 500 calorie intake per day. The HCG will start its work when you eat proper foods.  Foods with chemicals, preservatives, and additives will interfere with the work of the hormone. Make sure you are eating healthy foods such as the HCG diet approved veggies, fruits, and lean meats. Maintain proper hydration to stay full and boost the proper flow of nutrients in your body.