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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Losing weight through the HCG is a bit challenging especially if you are a habitual person. It is because every action and choice during the weight loss process has a consequence. That is why you have to invest your time and energy in doing healthy choices and habits to avoid weight loss delay. Avoid doing the things that are against the diet protocol especially when you are on the VLCD.

The VLCD of the HCG diet is one of the most challenging parts. It requires you to lower your intake of calories to be able to start the work of HCG. High-calorie levels will affect your weight loss journey. Be careful with the foods you eat or any activity that will stop you from losing weight. There are also cases that even the HCG works in burning your body fats you will still experience weight loss delay. This is because of the natural activities in your body that affect your weight.

What are the natural causes of weight loss delay during the HCG diet?

Weight loss is sometimes delayed because of menstruation. You will stop using the HCG in the meantime but continue your diet. This is because using HCG during menstruation can cause hormonal issues. Weight loss delay can also be a response of your body to the effect of unhealthy food ingredients. Stopping weight loss does not mean that it is the end. You still have a chance to make it right.

You may also accidentally load unhealthy foods or foods that are not allowed during the VLCD such as sugar and carbs. Your weight loss may also be delayed if you experience diseases before starting the VLCD. These are just some of the natural causes of why your weight loss is delayed. There are more reasons that you must keep track to avoid weight loss problems.

How to avoid delay of weight loss during the VLCD of the HCG diet?

  • Avoid the non-HCG-friendly product- This is not just pertaining to unhealthy food choices. You also have to avoid beauty products that are made from oil or animal fat. The HCG diet protocol prohibits fats during the VLCD. Make sure that your cosmetics, lotion, and other beauty care products are safe. As much as possible stop your beauty regimen in the meantime. The HCG can also help you maintain healthy skin tissues.
  • Avoid cheating on your meal– Eating too many calories is considered food cheating. You are only allowed to have 500 calories per day during the VLCD. If you eat too much it might cause weight gain weight loss delay. Avoid the foods that are processed and even processed drinks. VLCD only allows you to eat the enumerated foods in the HCG diet food list. These are foods that are whole or freshly picked products. Avoid fats, sugar, preservatives, high level of sodium, and food flavoring.
  • Avoid falling out of control with food portion- Non-intentional cheating or failure to portion your food can also delay your weight loss. Make sure that you get the right portion of food. On VLCD you are only allowed to have solid foods during lunch and dinner. Make sure that you have a proper portion of lean meat, vegetable, and fruit in each meal setting. You also have to track your weight loss every day by stepping on a weighing scale every morning. It will help you determine if you are gaining weight or your weight loss is stalling.

What will you do in case of a weight loss delay during the P2 of the HCG diet?

If you see that your weight loss is delaying you have to act on it right away. Stop cheating on your diet because it will sabotage your weight loss. It stops the work of HCG in burning your body fats. You can also eat more protein because it curbs hunger and restarts your metabolism. Choose whole foods or organic products. It is because it is more healthy and nutritious than packed food products. Stop your intense exercise routine so that you can improve your focus and regain energy.

How long will the weight loss delay last?

On the HCG diet, weight loss delay does not last for too long if you follow the diet protocol. Take all the ways to get back on your diet track as soon as possible to avoid going back to the start. It will only last for 2 days but if you continue to do unhealthy choices it may last longer. You will not find it hard to recover from weight loss delay because the HCG diet has a protocol in dealing with stalls and weight gain. You can bounce back to your weight-loss track after a day or two.

Weight loss corrector on HCG diet

The apple a day– This is also known as the “fruit day” in the modern HCG diet. The apple a day is done when your weight loss is stalling. Eat 6 apples beginning at lunch on the first day and have it done before lunch on the next day. You have to eat nothing but apples and drink water. You will also take your HCG shot even during the apple day. The purpose of this is to manage the calories in your body.

The steak day- This is also based on the original protocol of the HCG diet by Dr. Simeons. The steak day is beneficial because it contains a high level of protein that is significant in getting back to your diet track. The steak day is done by eating nothing all day. The steak day happens at dinner where you have to prepare a large piece of steak. This will help you bounce back from weight gain or weight loss delay. The steak days are usually done only once because the next day your weight will be back to normal.

Drink more water- Water flushes out the toxins and chemicals that cause weight loss delay. You can also substitute water with tea and coffee that has no sugar on it. Stay hydrated during the VLCD even if you are not experiencing weight loss stalls.