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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

How Sodium Affects Your HCG Diet?

How Sodium Affects Your HCG Diet?

Too much sodium on the HCG diet can lead to health problems. Most of the foods you eat every day contain twice the recommended salt limit. It can cause heart disease, kidney problems, hypertension, and other weight-related diseases. The overconsumption of sodium will give you a hard time losing weight during the HCG diet. When you eat sodium-loaded foods, it will reduce the efficacy of the HCG and, it will affect your progress.

What are the Daily Limits of Sodium on the HCG Diet?

As per dietary guidelines for proper nutrition, you can only have one teaspoon of sodium per day. Reduce your sodium intake to avoid interfering with the HCG. It will also reduce your risk of having hypertension and kidney failure. A proper amount of sodium helps the body in balancing fluid and transmitting body impulses.

Sodium can also help in muscle relaxation. Nonetheless, keep your sodium intake as low as possible to ensure weight loss on the HCG diet. Avoid eating processed foods as they are the typical sources of sodium and preservatives. Ensure that your food choices are fresh and lean during the HCG diet.

How does Sodium Affect Your Health?

Sodium affects your kidney functions as it gives a hard time in balancing the amount for optimum health. When your sodium levels are low, your body will hold them, and if it is high, the sodium starts to build up in your blood. Salt can attract water and force your heart to work beyond its limit. It can increase the pressure in your arteries and cause hypertension.

Addiction to sodium can lead to stroke, heart disease, and congestive heart failure. When you take HCG to lose weight, manage your sodium intake to curb the possible health risks. HCG helps in weight loss and detoxifies your body from the damages due to unhealthy food intake. It reduces the risk of obesity-related problems. Tak HCG as per supervision by your doctor and ensure to maintain healthy eating.

How Sodium Affects Your Progress on HCG Diet?

Overconsumption of sodium affects your weight loss as it causes water weight. Although alt will not increase the fat deposition right away, it will affect your progress. It will slow down your metabolic rate and interfere with the efficacy of the hormone. It can lead to disappointing scale readings and failed weight loss expectations.

How to Cut Down Your Sodium Intake on the HCG Diet?

  1. Eat more fresh foods. Vegetables and fruits are natural cleansers of the body. It helps in detoxifying your body from sodium-loaded foods and will save you from loading additional calories.
  2. Use herbs and spices instead of salt. When making soups and other HCG meals, avoid adding loads of salt. You can use spices and herbs to increase the flavor of your meal. It has several benefits in boosting your metabolism on the HCG diet. Avoid sodium-laden condiments to avoid retention.
  3. Avoid processed foods. The foods that go through preservation, drying, and canning are not permissible during the HCG diet. Its because food processing ruins the nutritional content of the food. It does not give any benefits in reaching your weight loss goal.