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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Water impacts your body in various ways during weight loss. Water can suppress your appetite and boost metabolism. It is important to understand how water impacts your HCG diet. Drinking plenty of water is one of your essential tasks during the HCG diet. It’s not only for weight loss but for your health.

Why water is important during the HCG diet?

Water supports the elimination of waste from your bowel and kidneys. It prevents constipation which is very common in a high-protein diet. One cause of daytime fatigue is lack of water. Instead of getting comfort from unhealthy foods, you should drink enough water. Water assists during the absorption of nutrients in food. It maintains your nourishment during the very low-calorie diet.

Drink at least 2 liters of mineral water every day during the VLCD. Avoid buying flavored water and processed beverages. Although, processed drinks can satisfy thirst they do not contribute something to weight loss. Processed beverages have loads of calories which is dangerous during the VLCD.

How does water help your body during the HCG diet?

  • Water is an alternative to carbs– The HCG diet requires low-calorie and carbs consumption. When you restrict carbs your body uses your storage to form fuel. The role of water comes by processing stored carbs for fuel. It boosts faster metabolism and avoids dehydration. You will know when you are dehydrated when your metabolism slows down or your weight starts stalling.
  • Water help during digestion- Water is a key factor of digestion and ensures the proper absorption of nutrients. It keeps food move through the intestines and supports the flow of nutrients in your body. Lack of water can cause bloating, indigestion, and constipation in your body.
  • Water controls appetite- Water is not only known as a contributor to a faster metabolism but also controls your appetite. When you lack water, your body often finds it confusing to detect body signals for hunger and thirst. Drinking an adequate amount of water reduces the urge of eating.
  • It helps release toxins- Water help in reaching your weight loss goal during the HCG diet. Drinking lots of water aids in releasing a large number of toxic chemicals from your fat stores. It helps freeing your body from toxins is vital to losing fats.
  • It helps you during the HCG diet-Water helps lower high sodium levels in your body. Sodium holds water weights that become the cause of water retention. Drinking water will stabilize the sodium levels in your blood to avoid brain dysfunction. Water takes up 60% of our body which is vital to keep hydration for your body to function well and stay healthy.

In summary, water can maintain optimal health and assist in managing your weight loss. Drink an adequate amount of water during the second phase of the HCG diet. You can also maintain hydration by drinking tea or coffee as long as it is sugar-free. Sugar can interfere with the HCG in dealing with your body fats. Consider keeping a bottle of water at your side when you go somewhere to prevent cravings.