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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

How does Exercise affect your weight loss during the HCG diet?

How does Exercise affect your weight loss during the HCG diet?

Exercise is less needed when you try to lose weight on the HCG diet. This is because of the recommended number of calories allowed during the VLCD. However, you may also need short or light exercise for your bone and muscles. Exercise is not the priority of the HCG protocol. This is because your body might not sustain the energy you need especially on VLCD. The HCG diet works without any exercise at all. It also works for those who are used to doing heavy work out all the time. 

Light exercise is allowed during the HCG diet. You are only allowed to do yoga, walking, running or swimming. The duration of exercise allowed on the HCG diet is from 10 to 15 minutes only. Extreme exercises will burn your fats but you will just end up gaining it back. It will cause your body to get stress and consume your energy. Lack of energy will cause you to extreme hunger or cravings. It will also trigger the stress hormones in your body to gain weight naturally.

How do light exercises help during your HCG diet?

  • Lowers stress and anxiety

Exercise lowers the stress hormones that cause you to constantly gain weight. It can improve your focus and mental health. This will help you focus more and be mindful of your diet. You can also learn to cope with your mood and feelings. One example of healthy light exercise is yoga that incorporates your weight loss. Make sure to have enough energy to do light exercises to avoid tiredness.

  • It helps in burning extra calories

Extra calories are burned through the HCG diet. However, light activities or exercises as well are helpful. This is because light exercise can burn your extra calories through sweating. Light exercises burned extra calories from the foods you eat. This is also helpful in breaking a weight-loss stall. This is one way of boosting your body and alertness as well as strength.

  • Exercise can lower the risk of depression

Being physically active helps you boost your mood and brain. Exercises can help you renew your mood and stave off high levels of stress. Stress and pressure can trigger a high risk of emotional stress which leads to depression. You can do at least 10 to 15 minutes of light activities every morning. You can also do this 3 to 4 times per week.

How to properly implement exercise on the HCG diet?

  • Reduce the Intensity of your Exercise on the HCG diet

If you are doing exercise even before the HCG diet, you have to lower the intensity of it. You get better results if you lower your exercise activity on the HCG diet. You should just reduce the intensity of your routine and limit the duration to 15 minutes.  But, when you reach the P3 you can get back into your routine.

  • Don’t overexert yourself

If you are on the VLCD phase do not exercise for too long. This is because you just have enough calories for your daily activities. Too much exertion of energy may cause light-headedness, exhaustion, or fatigue.  An intense exercise session during the VLCD phase is not allowed. You also have to limit your exercise time and the type of exercise you have each day. You can only do aerobic activities such as brisk walking, yoga, and light swimming.

Things you must do instead of exercising on the HCG diet

  • Be mindful of eating- Focus on your food choices and proper portioning. Improper control in loading will affect your weight loss. It will stop or ruin the work of HCG in your body. Observe proper control of your intake of calories especially during your VLCD. You are also not allowed to load on too many calories during your stabilization and maintenance phase.
  • Load more on proteins- Proteins are very essential during your HCG diet. Protein controls hunger and cravings. It keeps your stomach full until your next meal. Making your stomach full will lessen the hunger pains during your weight loss. Proteins are also helpful in maintaining the health of your muscles.
  • Choose the healthy food choices- You must be careful of the sugar, carbs and other ingredients that can sabotage the work of HCG in your weight loss. Unhealthy food choices such as alcohol, sweetened juice, processed meat, dried fruit, and canned vegetables are not allowed. You are encouraged to load on food choices such as freshly picked fruits, vegetables, and other organic products.

Things you must stop to lose weight on HCG diet

  • Stop your habit in eating too fast

Eating quickly can cause air swallowing which leads to bloating. Eating slowly includes better digestion, hydration, and easier weight loss. You must slow down eating to enjoy your foods

  • Do not eat sugary foods

Most of the obese and overweight people are caused by sugar. The unhealthy loading of sugar or any sugar-sweetened food can cause you to gain weight fast. You must stop eating sugar if you want to lose weight, especially on the HCG diet. You cannot transition to a healthy lifestyle if you continue eating sugar.

  • Eat smaller meals

Instead of having big meals per day, you have to cut down your intake of foods. This is to help you control your intake of high-calorie foods. You are allowed to eat 500 calories during the VLCD of the HCG diet. Low-calorie meals can control your blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

  • Stop drinking carbonated drinks

Water, unsweetened tea and coffee are the only allowed drinks for your HCG diet. Replace your intake of unhealthy drinks with water flavored with lemonade and cucumber. Carbonated drinks and other processed beverages contain the highest calories.

  • Limit your intake of sodium

The foods that are high in sodium are highly processed products. Sodium is used for preservation and flavoring. This is also one of the contributors to weight gain and fat-storing. Water follows sodium that is why there are water retention or water weights.