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Occurrences of Hunger on the HCG Diet
Occurrences of Hunger on the HCG Diet


Your habits can be ways for your brain to save energy. This is the ability of your body to operate and perform behaviors unconsciously. Your habits are automatic that is why as early as you start the HCG diet, you have to start a new habit. Forget your old routine to start a new one. You must completely understand how your bad habit works in your body so that you will be able to control them.

How do your bad habits affect the HCG diet?

  • It controls your weight loss– Your habits have the ability to control the weight loss. It will dictate you when what and how much you would eat. Your bad habits will push you to eat too much which is not good during your HCG diet. If your habit is pushing you to be a bad eater, you will eventually gain weight. Bad habits often ruin your HCG diet.
  • It will make your weight loss dull or longer– The HCG diet works fast in your body if the protocol is carefully followed. However, if you have bad habits it will affect the duration of your weight loss. Because there are habits that can stop or make the weight loss longer than what is expected. HCG and your bad habits cannot work together in your body.
  • It will destroy the stability of your health during weight loss– Bad habits such as drinking alcohol or eating too many calorie-dense foods can destroy your health. The unwanted calories have various health issues such as weight gain and it can trigger weight-related diseases. Thus, it can cause unhealthy changes during your HCG diet.
  • It takes you out of the HCG diet track– Bad habits such as skipping meals, drinking calories, and fast eating will totally stop your weight loss. Skipping meals can make you lose for a short time. However, it will make you gain weight double that what you have lost. Calories, on the other hand, take you out of the track of your weight loss goal. This will make you restart your HCG diet.

The bad habits will make you gain weight over and over again. It does not help even a single thing for weight loss. Control the bad habits by following your HCG diet guide. The weight loss guide on the HCG diet will allow you to get used to new habits for a better lifestyle. It will also help you reach your weight loss goal fast.