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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



The 500 calorie intake daily will sustain you for the entire weight loss process. The reason why you are having a hard time losing weight is the misconception on how would you allocate your calories. This gives you a hard time deciding on how or when would you start losing weight. Take note that weight gain happens not just only because of your intake of calories but also with other factors.

Some natural factors can affect your HCG diet. One of these is stress. This is a challenge for your especially when you are on the VLCD. However, dealing with stress is not difficult at all through the diet guide. There are guidelines you can see online on how you would deal with constant stress while you are doing the VLCD.

What is stress and how does it affects you?

It is a feeling of tension mostly in your emotions. It can come any time which makes you feel frustrated, bothered, nervous, and angry. This happens because your body responds to demand or challenge or a burst. It affects the stability of your emotions, focus of your brain, and even your peace. This may seem common but during the HCG diet, you have to make sure that you are not prone to stress.

How does stress affect the HCG diet?

Stress can affect you through thoughts and feelings. The higher the stress levels the worse. This can contribute to too many health problems such as high blood pressure. It will release stress hormones that cause you to gain weight naturally. A high-stress level can also lead you to emotional cravings. This is an escape of your body from all pressures and demands. You tend to find comfort in foods that may affect the diet hormone.

How constant stress affects your HCG diet?

  • It slows down metabolism

Stress makes your body find difficulty in burning fats. The stress hormone that is known as betatrophin makes it hard to mobilize fat. Betatrophin is a stress-related protein that holds back from losing weight.

  • It causes excess abdominal fat

There will be conflict already when you are having a high stress level. This is because the diet hormone will burn fats while the high-stress levels will continue to store abdominal fat.

  • It causes a problem in digestion

If you are stressed, your liver will produce excess blood sugar. Your body may not be able to deal with this surge that is why chronic diseases occur. Constant or prolonged stress can result in type 2diabetes.

  • It also weakens your immune system

It can lower the response of your body from invaders. This will make you prone to viral diseases. You have to deal with stress right away especially today that you are prone to COVID-19. The main target of this viral disease is your immune system.

Does HCG help you alleviate high-stress levels?

The HCG will help you lose weight naturally. This means that the diseases that are caused by constant stress will be healed slowly because you are losing weight. However, HCG products are not to treat high-stress levels. It is still important that you will keep your stress levels low.

What are other effects of stress that may affect your HCG diet?

Emotional hunger can be a lead effect of the high-stress levels. If you focus on your emotional cravings you will fail on your weight loss goal. Emotional eating or cravings is deceitful. It does not stop not until you eat any unhealthy comfort foods. You will also find it hard to sleep because of high-stress levels. Sleeping is a big opportunity for your body to work on processing nutrients and digesting food. However, if you are stressed you will likely find it hard for digestion.

Dealing with P2 weight gain caused by stress

Eat mindfully or watch out with your food choices and food portion. You have to drink an adequate amount of water per day during the VLCD. Water will eliminate chemicals that cause stress. It also gives way to a better distribution of nutrients and the proper flow of blood in your brain. You can also incorporate stress relief strategies as long as it does not involve eating. Start to re-create a to-do-list that is allowed during the HCG diet.

In case you gain weight more than 2lbs because of stress eating, you can have a fruit day. A fruit day is also known as the apple a day on the HCG diet. This is a healthy way of getting back on your diet track. Start your fruit day at lunchtime ad end it on the next day at the same time. This means that you can eat from 5 to 7 apples and just water. 

How will you alleviate stress during the VLCD?

  • Stay away from the source of stress- Take time for you to relax. Stay away from a noisy environment or just grab a time to take a nap. Avoid thinking or worrying too much about your work deadlines, family, and personal responsibilities. Clear your mind from everything that bothers you.
  • Take time for physical activities- physical activities are those that would help you shake off stress. You can have yoga, meditation, a short walk, or jogging. Make sure that you are doing this when you are not hungry or tired.
  • Drink coffee or tea- HCG diet permits coffee and tea as long as it is unsweetened. Tea has stress-fighting properties that can also boost your sleep. Coffee and tea can also boost your metabolism.
  • Eat healthy foods- the foods that you are eating during the VLCD have also stress-fighting properties. Healthy foods stabilize your blood pressure. Veggies and fruits produce chemicals that are beneficial for your brain. Through this, the high-stress level is alleviated. Healthy foods are the real foods that do not lead you to weight gain.
  • Stop unhealthy habits- Avoid drinking alcohol or eating too many unhealthy foods. Unhealthy food choices have ingredients that can prolong the effects of stress in your body.