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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



The priority in making a change must be on your weight and health. You have to change your routine to achieve what you are aiming for. When it has something to do with your weight and health you have to be serious. If you follow the HCG diet protocol you’ll be able to develop new things. Start with incorporating some healthy routines. Make it sustainable for the long-term duration to deliver quick results of the diet.

Phase 2 of the HCG diet requires a 500 calorie intake per day. The VLCD incorporates the daily shots of the hormone. When you follow a routine it will be easy for you to implement the diet. Make sure that your routine has significance with your HCG diet. It must not interfere with the flow of your weight loss. It must also be safe for your body and improves the work of HCG in your body.

Why do you have to maintain a healthy lunch routine on VLCD?

During mid-afternoon or lunchtime, things get busier. However, if you follow a routine it will be easy for you. A routine makes you more likely to reach your weight loss goal even when you are busy. It can help you stay on track with your HCG diet. Following a healthy routine makes a busy day turns to be smooth.

Simple lunch routine you can incorporate on your VLCD

  • Drink more water

Consuming more water every afternoon can help you lose weight. Water is important in every biological process inside your body. Drinking water at lunch curbs hunger and prevents you from reaching for a snack. It prevents you from consuming more calories especially when you are prone to emotional stress.

  • Eat your meal on time

When it comes to lunchtime you have to stop everything you do. Eat your meal on time to avoid prolonging your hunger. Your meal is important to maintain a high metabolic rate and satiety. Make sure to eat protein and fiber-rich foods to stave off future hunger pangs.

  • Focus on what you are eating

Focus on eating and avoid answering calls and emails. Doing chores during lunch can sabotage your efforts in weight loss. Prioritizing mealtime as one of your activities can make a big difference. This connects to mindfulness and focus. When you eat mindfully you can lose more weight.

Can you incorporate exercise during your lunch on VLCD?

You can incorporate an exercise routine during the VLCD. However, you cannot do it during lunchtime. Just like other chores, exercising can sabotage your efforts in weight loss. You can exercise in the morning when everything is still fresh and you’re not yet busy with your schedule.

Can you consume fewer calories during lunch?

You can eat fewer calories but make sure to complete it before the day ends. You can manage your 500 calorie meal and divide it into 5 portions. It will help you stay full and curb hunger between meals. Make sure to eat the exact amount of protein at lunch to keep you full. Take note that you need to complete your 500 calorie meal per day to avoid reaching stalls.