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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Now you have the desire to complete the HCG stages. HCG will do the best it can for your goal. Maintain good eating habits. Stay away from old eating patterns. HCG is a safe way of diet. However, you have to follow the protocol to avoid weight gain. Follow the Low-calorie diet strictly. It helps you Shed extra pounds while enjoying the diet. HCG increases your mental stamina. Eat when you are hungry and stop if you are full.

  • Do not cheat– Do not think of cheating. Do not try cheating. Don’t ever cheat! This is the number one enemy of the HCG diet. Remember, only one fruit, veggie, and protein each meal.
  • Stick to a certain plan– Create your own HCG-friendly meal plan. Come up with something on your own. This will help you not to get bored on the diet. Find something that would help you out.
  • Follow HCG Phases Phases of the HCG diet are perfectly created for you. Each phase has an important part of the diet. The more you follow each protocol the more weight you will lose. These are created for a reason. HCG diets Phase is your key to success.
  • Weighing routine– weigh yourself each morning before a meal. This will help you monitor your weight gain and loss. You also have to weigh your food before cooking. Weigh your meat before cooking. Make sure to take all the fat that is present. The weighing scale and food scale will be your best friends.
  • Drink a lot of water– The water brings a lot of benefits to your health. This will also help push away all the toxins in the body. You may also drink coffee and tea. Stay hydrated and keeps your body healthy.
  • No heavy exercise– Doing heavy exercise can harm your body. It will not help in the diet. HCG hormones will work on the slimming. Hard exercise has no room for you.
  • Stick to HCG food– HCG protocol has provided a list of the allowed foods. Stick to the food that is laid for you. This will help you succeed. Be careful about mixing your food. Only use the allowed spices and ingredients. Mix up a dish that allows HCG diet spices.

More useful tips

  • No diet drinks, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks
  • Do not overeat and check all the food. Make sure that it’s sugar-free
  • Evaluate the beauty products you are using
  • Plan or make your meal ahead of time. Cut down the beef
  • Have green tea daily and do not eat more than 1 apple a day
  • Use Stevia as a replacement for sugar. Stay away from starches
  • Drink tea or coffee with no sugar at all