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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



The HCG meal plan has different categories. This must be followed as the protocol has started. The following are:
• Cleaning- Cleansing the body is one of the planning for the diet. Cleaning and purifying the body and mind. This is a helpful way to prepare for weight loss. The cleaning part is when you have to prepare the body’s physical and inner state.
• Feasting- Increasing the fat intake for two days. This is also known as the loading phase or Phase 1 of the diet. Pay attention to high-fat foods while doing the HCG injections. You will load the foods that you love as if it was your last meal.
• Clearing- This is known as the burning stage where you will drop off weight. This is when the 500 calorie routine takes place. You must be very careful with your food choices in this Phase. The HCG injection must be taken continuously. The period of this part rest on the weight you want to lose. Stay in the VLCD for 3 days even after you finish the injection. This is the tough part and known as the heart of the HCG diet. This must be strictly done for the benefit of the hormones. The HCG hormones will start to target all the unreached areas of the body. The clearing stage is Phase 2 of the HCG diet.
• Maintaining- It is known as Phase 3 of the diet. It normally lasts for 3 to 4 weeks. The maintenance part does not allow carbs and sugar. The maintenance part is when you keep off the weight loss. Maintaining weight loss means you have to stay away from your old habits.

Phase 2 is the heart of the diet
During the main phase of the diet, you will stick to 500 calories each day. The dropping of calories makes sure that you lose weight without feeling hungry. This is because the HCG hormones do their job in the metabolism. This includes two meals each day. The meals are lunch and dinner. This includes two meals each day. The meals are lunch and dinner. You may wonder why breakfast is not included. This is because you only have to load up water, coffee, or tea for breakfast. Both lunch and dinner must have the same item or caloric count. You may choose food from the choices in the HCG food list.

The main meals of the HCG diet
Following the 500 calorie plan, the meals are limited. You can have 100 grams of lean fat-free meat. The 100 gram is the raw weight of the meat that you want to eat. Your meal options each day must be the same in both meals. The meal plan will last for the whole diet duration.