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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet

HCG Immunity VS Plateau. What Will You Do?

HCG Immunity VS Plateau. What Will You Do?

When using the HCG diet plan, ensure that you make a reachable weight loss goal. Stop using the HCG injections before your body gets familiar with the hormone. The HCG is effective in busting your stubborn fats in a short time without compromising your health. Likewise, it helps you stabilize your overall health through rapid weight loss.

When you follow the HCG diet regimen, your body may have different responses due to individual differences. Nonetheless, it does not mean that the HCG is not working for you. It is essential to follow the medically supervised diet for successful weight loss. Avoid comparing your progress to other dieters to prevent failed expectations.

When you follow the 45-day plan of the HCG diet, you can experience slow progress on day 33 or 35. It is a weight loss plateau that means you are about to reach your weight loss goal. You can try the apple-a-day concept to shake off more calories. But, when the weight loss plateau lasts for several days, it is a sign that your body gets familiar with the HCG.

What is HCG Immunity?

It is when your progress stops altogether. It happens after the end of the round. Avoid taking your HCG injections beyond the set period of VLCD because it can cause familiarity and slows down your progress. Once you reach your weight loss goal, avoid forcing your body to lose even more fats.  You can go for a second round but ensure to keep a time interval to prevent immunity of the HCG.

If your weight remains similar for three days, it is a sign of plateau. You can deal with it through the apple-a-day process. An HCG immunity has additional symptoms aside from staling. It can also cause hunger pangs and fatigue to the changes in your body’s response to the hormone. Allow your body to adjust before going back for another round.

When to Take a Break on the HCG Diet?

Take a break upon completing the 40 dose days of the HCG. It will help you deviate without gaining back the weight you lose. You can take a break for 6-weeks and continue eating healthy foods. Stick to a zero starch and sugar diet to avoid refilling your fat stores and going back to zero. Increase your water intake to prepare your body for another round.

Note on Taking a Break on the HCG Diet:

  • A break period is not a process to give in to food temptations. Manage your calorie intake during this period to overcome the HCG immunity.
  • Incorporate an exercise routine to shake off the excess calories and avoid gaining weight during the break period.
  • During menstruation, women retain water and experience PMS. But, avoid giving in to your cravings on your period to prepare your body for the second round.
  • The apple-a-day protocol of the HCG diet is not for you to cheat whenever you want. The goal of the apple-a-day period is to help your body get back on track. You can take the apple-a-day regimen during the break period but ensure it does not compromise your health.