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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Are you having a hard time dealing with weight loss barriers on P2 of the HCG diet? This is maybe because you are not familiar with the protocol. One reason why you find it hard in losing weight on the HCG diet is that you did not follow the guide. You need to deal with these barriers so that you can reach your weight loss goal.

The common weight-loss barriers on P2 of the HCG diet

Weight loss barriers are the things that may stop you from losing weight. It may be just around your surroundings, lifestyle, habits, and medical conditions. There are also cases that your weight loss is stopped because of your unhealthy routine or failure to follow the diet protocol. Weight loss barriers are just common and there are certain ways to end them during the HCG diet.

You should start your phase 2 or VLCD with a fixed goal. This is for you to counter the weight loss barriers that would possibly occur.  The common weight-loss barriers are physical, emotional, and environmental. Some barriers are already perceived by your feelings or thoughts.

The physical, environmental, and emotional barriers

  • Physical barriers include fatigue, discomfort, and diseases. Before starting the HCG diet or P2 you have to make sure that you undergo a medical assessment. This is to be able to determine if your body is ready to lose weight or seek further medical attention.
  • Environmental barriers are your surroundings. This may be because you are surrounded by unhealthy foods. It can also be because of limited access to the foods that are allowed during the VLCD.
  • Emotional barriers are just a shallow reason not to lose weight. These are just your feeling that is holding you back. Emotional barriers are your doubts about reaching your goals, negative mindset, or high-stress levels. This happens especially if you are intimidated by the protocol of VLCD.
  • Your unhealthy routine that includes your lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. HCG is sensitive to unhealthy food chemicals. Eating on unhealthy food choices may affect the work of HCG. It will lead to the rapid storing of fats in your body.

How to overcome weight loss barriers?

Before starting the HCG diet you have to communicate with your physician first. This is for you to be able to have a medical assessment. Your physician will also give you further instruction in implementing the VLCD. If you have limited access to healthy foods, make sure to do grocery shopping at least once a week. See to it that you have enough supply of the HCG approved foods in your storage.

Learn to motivate yourself throughout the process. The VLCD may be tough but you have to see the greater side or the results. You can overcome emotional barriers by taking one step at a time. Deal with emotional stress by having good sleep and meditation. You can also try other techniques that do not involve food. You must also start to develop healthy eating habits, proper food portioning, and eating discipline.