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Advisable Items for the HCG Diet
Advisable Items for the HCG Diet



Water can help in maintaining your health.  It supports the digestion of foods and eliminating toxins in your body. One of the HCG weight loss tips is to stay hydrated. Drinking water is not a new concept to you because it is already common. However, drinking water is one of the basic things that you often neglect. Water is helpful in your HCG diet because it helps in curbing hunger. The HCG will also work smoothly if you are properly hydrated. Proper hydration also controls your appetite.

How much water do you need for HCG diet?

The exact amount of water that is needed to lose weight on the HCG diet is 2 liters each day. It is important to stay hydrated to balance the electrolytes in your body. Too much water can be life-threatening. If you drink too much water, the sugar and sodium levels of your body will be affected. You cannot drink too much water all at once. Your kidney can only process an exact amount of water per hour.

How to determine proper hydration during HCG diet?

Proper hydration on your HCG diet can be determined through your urine. The darker color of urine means that you need more water. Your weighing scale can also determine the status of your hydration. Lack of water can cause weight gain because of the level of sodium. Drink water throughout the day to stop the rapid build-up of sodium in your body.  Proper hydration stabilizes your blood pressure and sugar levels.

What are the benefits of water during HCG diet?

  • Hydration keeps your muscle and joint working better
  • It cleanses your body inside and out
  • It maintains the health of your skin
  • Hydration promotes proper metabolism
  • Hydration also contributes to maintaining your heart health
  • It lowers fluid retention
  • Hydration can improve the burning of calories
  • It prevents you from eating or drinking calories

You can add flavor to your water during the HCG diet. You can create lemon juice and use stevia as a natural sweetener. Lemon can also help in dealing with extra calories in your body. You can also have fluid-rich fruits during your weight loss such as citrus. Drinking water is a good habit you can fall into during the weight loss process. It will make you look better because it flushes out toxins that affect your skin. Stay hydrated for the rest of your HCG diet. Proper hydration will help you reach your weight loss goal.